How to Find the Perfect Hair Stylist

Every girl knows one of the best ways to wake up their style is a new hairdo.

A fresh cut or color can make you feel like a brand new woman. It is an added boost of confidence, a way to treat yourself, and the perfect excuse to step out of town and show off a bit!

Plus, deciding you want to change your look starts the fun process of picking something new.

Sometimes, the hard part comes after. You have to find a hair stylist you trust to make the look you want to come to life. This isn’t always easy, especially if you just moved to a new city or if you rarely cut your hair.

Here are five tips to finding the perfect person to turn your hair from dull to divine.

1. Ask Around

Everyone has that one friend who always looks well-dressed from head to toe. Their hair and makeup look great as they walk in to the office until they leave the gym.

Go to the style gurus in your friend group and ask them where they get their hair done.

This is the best place to start when you want to find a hair stylist, because you can be as direct about the conversation as you want. Ask specifics about the salon setup and the experience. Get the scoop on employee attitudes and what kind of pricing to expect.

The more details you get, the better you can grasp if what works for your friend also works for you.

2. Check Reviews and Previous Work

After getting a few recommendations, get online and do more research.

See if what your friends had to say matches up with online reviews. Pay attention to what people say about their relationships with stylists and how well they meet certain expectations.

Does a trim really mean a trim? Is color toned to be what was expected?

Take your time going through each option, and make note of bad reviews as well as the good. People are more likely to go online and rant when they’ve had a bad experience.

Try to read between the lines and see if someone is exaggerating, or if you have a real reason to be cautious. A great way to cross-check good and bad reviews is to look at the results for yourself.

Find a hair stylist from your list on social media and look at the work they post. This not only helps you get an idea of their skills but their style. Some stylists are amazing at color while others can get you the perfect shape with layers and face angling.

3. Read Style Bios and Salon Policies

Once you get a feel for the looks a stylist can accomplish, get to know your options on a deeper level.

Reading different stylists’ bios can help narrow your search. Bios are a great way to check how long someone has been doing hair and where they got their training.

Many stylists will also share how long they have been at their current salon. A long amount of time at one place is often preferable over a stylist who has bounced around. It shows they are a loyal, valuable employee and a well-qualified stylist.

Stylist bios can easily be found on salon websites.

As you read about your different candidates, take the time to get to know each salon, too.

Check for special policies and look for something that sets each salon apart from the next. Some may offer a quick neck massage before your stylist gets to work. Others will have complimentary drinks or the option of added treatments to boost your experience.

Be sure to look up each salon’s cancellation policies. You may end up making a few different appointments before you find a hair stylist to commit to.

Also, click through salon photos to get a feel of what to expect at each location.

4. Book a Consultation Before Your Cut

If you’re planning a makeover instead of a regular maintenance cut, ask about a consultation while booking.

Consultations are a chance for you to sit down with your new stylist and get to know each other.

It’s your opportunity to say exactly the look you’re going for. You can also express what you aren’t comfortable with when it comes to your hair. Plus, this is your time to mention if you want to learn more about common hair issues like breakage and damage prevention.

Most consultations are free for new clients or available for a low rate.

A good consultation can be the deciding factor in your process to find a hair stylist. Once you’ve narrowed your search down to two or three people, go ahead and take the time to meet each one.

5. Bring Pictures

Pictures are the easiest way to say exactly what you want.

Instead of hoping the image in your head is communicated well, you can point to the look you’re trying to get.

This is a great way to talk about specific color treatments like balayage and hombre. Or, you might find the perfect bold shade you want to match, like purple or blue. Pictures also help transitions from long, wavy hair to short, simple cuts.

Either way, you can trust a picture to be effective. No matter the look you’re going for, the picture becomes a point of reference as your stylist gets to work.

Also feel free to have fun with different styles and mix a little bit of this and that! Maybe you want a pop of color and a bold new texture to go with it. Pair the pictures up with your stylist and make it happen.

Find a Hair Stylist and Show Off Your Look with a New Wardrobe

Stop worrying about who handles your hair and use the tips above to find a hair stylist that is perfect for you.

A girl’s stylist is one of her most effective beauty secrets. The right person will get to know exactly how your hair behaves and teach you to manage it. They are your ultimate fashion friend and the best insurance policy for dead ends or breakage.

Get your search started and take on your new look.

Then, head to a great clothing company for the wardrobe to match!

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