Your Complete Guide to Finding the Right Sportswear

When you want to get the most out of your workout, having the right sportswear is essential.

Clothing that fits properly, moves with you, and is designed to stand up to a substantial amount of wear and tear is required as you sweat it out.

Yet, it seems like almost every day a new clothing line is released that promises to provide this coverage. So how do you know which ones are a good fit for you?

Today, we’re breaking down a few tips to help you navigate the sportswear scene and pick the pieces that make the most sense for your body — and your workout.

Ready to learn more? Let’s dive in!

1. Look for Fabrics that Wick Sweat

Wondering why your favorite cotton t-shirt isn’t cutting it at the gym?

Chances are it’s because as you sweat, the moisture is absorbed into the shirt — and stays there.

Thus, you may feel chilled during the colder seasons and muggy in the heat as you’re never allowed to properly cool down.

The good news is that there are many sportswear lines utilizing technology to essentially draw sweat from your skin, “wicking” it away from your body and regulating your overall temperature.

Known as dry-wick textiles, these fabrics absorb your sweat and then spread it evenly throughout the clothing item. From there, it’s vaporized into the air.

From shirts and shorts to workout hats, dry-wick technology is an ideal addition to your favorite athletic gear and is becoming increasingly easy to find.

If your workouts often leave you drenched, look for this type of sportswear to ensure that no matter how sweaty you get, you’ll still look — and feel — cool.

2. Consider Compression Materials

Are you trying to work out as you nurse a sore knee? Did you recently experience an injury and want to incorporate exercise into your physical therapy routine?

If so, sportswear with built-in compression support may prove useful in shortening your recovery time. In addition, this type of fabric is proven to improve blood flow during strenuous activity.

By increasing your blood circulation, it can help deliver oxygen to your muscles when they need it the most. Not only does this help you perform your workout more effectively, it also reduces muscle strain and fatigue, helping you bounce back quicker after a strenuous session.

3. Finding the Right Fit

In general, most sportswear should be somewhat fitted to offer the range of movement you require. Though some activities, such as yoga or Pilates, might be easier to perform with tighter attire, a good rule of thumb is to look for clothing with about 10% elastane (Spandex or Lycra).

As you try each item on, make sure you can comfortably move around in it without chafing or rubbing. Jog in place in the dressing room or practice a few of your other most common movements and see where the fabric hits.

Overall, an investment in sportswear is an investment in your health and fitness. After all, finding the motivation to move is only half the battle. Finding the right clothing to get you there and help you perform is the other.

Find Your Ideal Sportswear Today

Now that you know your style, and what to look for among the sportswear options, you may be ready to research what’s available on the market today.

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