How to Get a Quick House Sale and Walk Away With Cash

If you’re looking for a cash return on your home as soon as possible, it doesn’t have to be a total challenge.

It’s a seller’s market, and there’s no reason to let your house linger on the market. Rates are low, demand is up. Here are 5 essential tips for a quick house sale:

1. Design It To Sell

If you need to repaint your house to create a neutral space, do so. Naturalized paint colors neutralize the space and help buyers to envision their own plans for the house with ease.

Paint your walls in “greige”. Reputable designers claim that light gray is the most modern and clean looking color for a home. Even consider re-carpeting if need be or putting in some new tiles. You’ll get every cent back out of that when you sell your home.

Do you have a lot of family photos around? Take them down for open houses. There are many small inexpensive fixes that can be done. The goal is making people feel like there isn’t a lot of work to do when they move in.

2. Make the Price Right for a Quick House Sale

Listing your home just slightly below market value will assure a quick house sale. It will draw in more offers and pique interests in the house. The more buyers you have, the more potential you have for a quick sale.

Also, the more people interested in your home because of a lower listing price may create a bidding war between offers, pushing your home’s sale price higher!

3. Put In Some Sweat Equity

The house should be super clean for a quick sale. A little cleaning and some elbow grease go a long way in selling a home. If a buyer’s first impression is of dog odor or dust bunnies, it may lead them to believe there are bigger deferred maintenance issues in the home.

Curb appeal is another huge selling point for a quick house sale. Does your house need some new paint in certain areas of the exterior? House does your lawn look? Do your garden areas need weeding?

Replace paver stones or any cracked cement on your walkways leading up to your house. All of these details will make your house look bright, fresh, and ready to buy.

4. Sell To An Investor

Selling to a cash buyer can be a great thing and get you the maximum cash for homes. Most investors will purchase with cash in full. It will certainly save you a lot of trouble that can come your way with the traditional buyer process.

You also won’t have to worry about repairs or clean up and your closing costs will be minimal if any at all. This is especially beneficial if you are behind on your mortgage or property taxes.

Find a cash buyer, get it off your hands and let them deal with the rest.

5. Work With Your Buyer

Closing costs are often negotiable. After you both agree on the sale price, come to a closing cost concession. Offer certain repairs in place of other home warranty charges or things like termite letters

Escrow fees, recording fees, and title search fees also need to be sorted out before working with your buyer. These tips will help you achieve fast cash in a quick sale. Make sure your home looks clean and up to date, price it well, and consider a potential cash buyer.

These tips will help you achieve fast cash in a quick house sale. Make sure your home looks clean and up to date, price it well, and consider a potential cash buyer.

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