5 Important Tips for New Pool Owners

Did you know that 5.1 million households in the U.S. have in ground pools? Adding a pool to your home can increase its value by about 7% too.

A swimming pool is an exciting addition to your home, but it’s vital to know it needs constant care. Keep reading and we will guide you through five important tips for new pool owners.

1. Rules and Regulations

Before you get a pool, you should make sure you’re aware of what’s legally required when you get a pool and what you’re liable for. Before you have your first pool party, you want to make sure you have everything in order.

There are rules for public and private pools about fencing around the pool, signage, and what insurance is recommended based on state.

2. Know Your Parts

When you get a pool, you should know the basic parts that make up the foundation. This will help with pool maintenance and safety.

  • Filter: The filter collects anything that’s not water that floats into the pool. They have baskets, drains, and cartridges to get rid of the debris. The lifespan of a filter is about 2 years before you need to replace it.
  • Drains: Help get rid of dirty water and debris. The whole pool should be drained and refilled every 5 years.
  • Vacuum: This does exactly what your household vacuum does, but it cleans the bottom of the pool. Make sure to run it twice a week.
  • Pump: Works with the filter and circulates water in the pool pushing debris or dirty water to the filter. Pumps can last fir a decade and then you will need to check on pool pump motor replacement.
  • Chemical Feeder: Introduces chlorine to your pool.

3. Pool Maintenance

Though your pump, filter, and chlorine all work to keep the pool clean, you want to make sure to take other measures to maintain your pool. You want to maintain and check chlorine levels, making sure you’re knowledgeable on what healthy numbers for chlorine are.

You want to make sure to keep your pool clean. For example, a pool cover is essential because you can close it at night and keep debris, branches, bugs, or plants from blowing into your pool at night.

4. Monthly Expenses

Your pool will add to your monthly utility expenses, so make sure to take this into account before you get a pool.

Some cuties or towns also require a monthly fee for having a pool, so cover all your bases and do your research beforehand so you’re not surprised with extra expenses.

5. Safety Rules

You will be liable if anyone gets injured in your pool. Do your research not only on insurance, but set safety rules when you’re having friends or family over.

For example, no running by the pool area and no diving head first into the shallow end. Make these rules known to guests with a sign or simply explaining them before the party starts.

New Pool Party

Get ready to swim in your new pool, but first make sure you’re ready to stay up to date with maintenance and monthly bills that come with it.

Know your parts and understand what needs to be replaced when to keep your pool in pristine condition.

Start planning for your pool or keep reading about consumer and business resources.