Are You Really Into Physical Fitness? Check Out These Companies

Whether you’re new to fitness or a fitness guru, there’s no denying the fitness world has changed greatly thanks to advances in technology.

Physical fitness businesses are leading the way in innovating new ways to get fit. The industry has become very active over the last few years, so we’ve decided to highlight the best and most successful.

Our mission is to find the top five most ambitious, popular, and effective types of fitness business ideas.

Have you used any of these fitness services?

1. Fitocracy

We start things off with our favorite next-generation style of fitness app, one that combines personal achievements, community, and expert coaching.

Fitocracy takes its cues from the ever-popular online video game service platforms. It incorporates the aforementioned achievement/trophy systems that reward users for hitting certain fitness metrics.

2. Exos

This next business is changing the way fitness education is delivered to coaches, trainers, and physical therapists across the globe.

Exos develops a healthy nutrition and training program to athletes and physical fitness buffs, who would otherwise be using a website to get all their information on their own. This training program utilizes cutting-edge science to increase fitness and wellness.

Exos has been successful in expanding their business into U.S. and German soccer teams, as well as the NFL.

3. Downsize Fitness

Taking that first step towards getting fit can be intimidating and overwhelming, that’s why this next physical fitness company wants to “downsize” it.

Downsize Fitness takes the typical gym experience and dismantles it into an accessible, affordable, and safe physical fitness routine. The result is better results for first-timers, higher retention, and lowered rate of injuries.


Many of us are aware of all the confusing and expansive information you can find online about fitness businesses and supplements. is a website that is attempting to cut through all the pitches and promises.

Because supplements are so loosely regulated, they’ve taken on the responsibility of providing solid science and reviews based on real people and real experts. It is purported to have changed the decisions of over $10 million in sales.

5. Fitwall

The growing trend of rock climbing gyms is undeniable and the Fitwall brand has been leading the way with their high-tech gyms. This is the ultimate in challenging, full-body workouts.

The walls are not just walls, they are fully-adjustable programs that attune your workout to your own skill level, body mass, and height. Everything is automated, so there is always a challenge that is within your reach.

Find More Physical Fitness Businesses

This top five was just the tip of the iceberg. We know we’ve left out some of the bigger, well-known brands (Nike, Reebok, Fitbit, and Beachbody).

It’s difficult to put together any list regarding health and fitness together because we know everyone’s experience will vary based on their individual needs and strengths.

Find your fitness companion or company that speaks to your soul. Start your search here today with this excellent business search tool (and bookmark it for any future business queries)!

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