What to Look for in a Great Clothing Company

Did you know that most of the clothes manufactured today are designed to fall apart? You can blame it on throwaway culture. That is when people buy things for cheap and just throw them away when they stop working – even if they’re still fixable.

With clothes, it’s high time we realize that buying fast fashion items aren’t exactly cheap and it’s bad for the environment, too. Even if you donate clothes that have worn out, most of them will end up in a landfill.

So how do you change this? You look for a great clothing company, of course – one that designs quality clothes and uses ethical practices to produce them.

4 Ways to Know It’s a Great Clothing Company

1. They Use Good Fabrics

Some people prefer natural fibers such as cotton, wool, linen, or silk to acrylic, rayon, polyester, or spandex. Maybe it stems from a belief that natural fabrics are higher in quality than manmade ones.

The truth is, even a shirt that says 100% cotton on its label can be substandard if low-grade fibers are used. That’s why when you shop for clothes, it’s important to check how dense the fabric is. You want the yarns to be tightly packed, but not heavy.

Now, of course, this doesn’t apply to sportswear, where you’re looking for fabrics that don’t sweat. But for shirts, jeans, and knits, you want to check the density of the weave, as well as how they bounce back into shape after you stretch them and hold them to the light.

2. They Don’t Cut Corners

A great clothing company won’t skip steps when producing garments. They will make sure garments are cut properly, buttonholes are sturdy, crotch seams are reinforced, and so on.

They make clothes with quality in mind and they will be very particular when it comes to the littlest details. That means a piece of clothing doesn’t just look good on the outside but also holds up well when you check inside the garment.

3. They Understand What Customers Want

According to Inc.com, customers are less loyal and trusting than before. And it’s easy to see why. Comparison shopping is easy. It will take you a few minutes to Google reviews or check a store’s feedback through their social media pages.

Plus, there are so many choices. Let’s say you’re looking for a child-friendly signature jacket. You can just search online for something like “Nickis Moncler jacket kids” or you can check image search results for inspiration if you prefer to buy in-store.

For a lot of businesses, knowing what their customers want means they can tailor the customer experience. This, in turn, helps create loyalty and repeat business. For your part, it means don’t waste your time on a clothing company that doesn’t even bother to put their customers first.

4. They are Dedicated to Ethical and Sustainable Practices

Ethical clothing companies put emphasis on how the clothes are made, working conditions in factories, as well as the impact of their products on the environment.

They also make stylish and affordable clothes. It’s a common misconception that clothes made ethically are pricy. But a quick Google search will tell you that it’s simply not true.

And even if you buy a slightly more expensive piece of ethical clothing, at least you know that you’re not contributing to the horrible practice of underpaying workers, who are probably making clothes in unsafe factory conditions.

Where to Find a Great Clothing Company

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