How to Hire Cheap Wedding Planners on a Budget

Weddings in America can often cost the equivalent of what a brand new, luxury vehicle would. At $35,000 on average, people often break their bank on the so-called most important day of their lives. The good news is your wedding can still look expensive, but for a fraction of the cost.

Where to start? By hiring cheap wedding planners. A great planner can help you navigate around a tricky industry.

The service industry likes to inflate prices when they hear the word “wedding”. This creates a high amount of pressure on both the couple or parents who are paying for the wedding to shell out more than they might be comfortable with.

There’s nothing like starting your marriage off in debt, so avoid doing so. You can absolutely have a gorgeous and memorable wedding without going broke. However, finding a wedding planner that is good and still affordable is important.

Here’s how to nail one down:

1. Research Cheap Wedding Planners

Carrying out an in-depth, investigative search for a wedding planner will help you narrow down your list. Look at their websites first and decide if you think their aesthetic is something you are going for.

Notice colors, decor, lighting, venues, and overall design of the weddings they’ve planned. Cheap wedding planners should still be great wedding planners. Find those who achieve a cohesive look that appears expensive.

Consider the size and type of your wedding, and find a planner who can deliver within your budget. Carefully consider what services the planner says they offer and decide if they are the right fit.

2. Get References

This is your special day, you want it to be as beautiful and easy as possible. Weddings create high stress, so avoid even higher stress by working with a nightmare. When choosing wedding planners, make sure you call their references.

Ask people who have worked with them if they stuck within the budget, if they executed your ideas and if they were happy with the end product. Ask for photos from their weddings and don’t be afraid to ask if the reference found them worth their price.

Gather references on decor too. From beautiful chair covers to colorful sand for your centerpieces, click here.

3. Meet and Greet

When choosing whom to hire, set up a few meetings. Bring your wedding vision board and directly ask if your cheap wedding planners can deliver the aesthetic you desire. Get a sense of what it will be like to work with them during your first meeting.

Consider their personality and if they will be a fit for you and your partner. After all, you will be spending a considerable amount of time with them. You need them to hop on board the happy train, even as things get stressful.

Ask about budget specifics and gather their ideas on how they think they can save you and which vendors they would like to use. When it comes to cheap wedding planners, let them show you where you can majorly cut down with discounts or other services they have used before.

Going To The Chapel

Finding an affordable wedding planner can make your wedding day a beautiful and financially stress-free experience. You’ll forever gaze upon your wedding album knowing that you got all you wanted out of your day without breaking your bank.

When you are ready to search for more tips, tricks, and business that can help you achieve the wedding of your dreams, click here!

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