What to Look For in a Great Gun Safety Class

Picking up a firearm for the first time? Hoping to learn more about guns so that you can obtain a carry license? A gun safety class might be your best bet.

Firearms are dangerous, and it can be scary – and nearly impossible – to learn how to use one without solid instruction.

But not all classes are created equal. To be sure to find a class that will make you a comfortable and safe user of firearms, ask these questions before signing up.

Who is the Instructor?

This is arguably the most important aspect. The person who is actually passing on their gun safety class knowledge should be experienced and a great teacher.

What is their background? Ask about former employment and training.

How much experience do they have with guns in everyday life? Depending on how you want to use your gun, this may affect what teacher you would like to work with. Whether you’re carrying it on unsafe streets or taking it to the ranch, you want to know how to use your gun in the best way for you.

For example, if you want to hunt with your gun, finding a teacher who hunts will make your training more relevant to your future use.

Sometimes, those with military backgrounds are not the best option for everyday carry. Their background training can be a bit more aggressive.

If possible, try to meet with the instructor before the class. Getting to speak with them will help you see what your rapport is and if you will be comfortable in a class with them.

Also check is the class is associated with any organizations. Classes associated with law enforcement, the NRA, or the SAF Training Division can be higher quality.

Those associations usually ensure their instructor. If the instructor you’re interested in does not have insurance of any kind, look elsewhere. Professional classes have insurance.

Afterall, you don’t want to end up having to look for an accident lawyer.

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What is the Gun Safety Class Syllabus?

Ask what the syllabus for the class is. A class that has a solid structure usually indicates a higher quality class.

It’s also important to check how much time is spent on safety. When taking a gun safety class, especially as a new gun user, you need to make sure to get the safety basics down first. Then you can start to think about how to look cool at the firing range.

What do the Testimonials Say?

Ask friends who took the class what they have to say. Check google reviews. Usually, yelp or some other review aggregator will have information about the class and the instructor.

Asking friends for a class recommendation makes it more likely you will vibe well with the instructor. Your friend will also have a better idea of your needs than someone in a shop who you just met.

Wrapping Up

Who the instructor is, what the class syllabus is, and testimonials are the biggest factors when shopping around for the best course for you.

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