Top 10 Reviews of Recycle Bags and Totes for Everyday Use

Are you guilty of being a bag lady? The average female owns at least 7 different handbags. If you’re hoping to simplify your life a bit more, it pays to carry a bag that offers more than one use. 

Reusing totes and recyclable bags is a smart and convenient way to do this. As they are versatile enough that they can go with you from the beach to your barre class. 

Read on for why a recycle bag or tote should become your essential everyday accessory. As well as which bags get the best reviews. 

1. The Gym Bag

One of the best benefits of reusable bags is that they are durable and don’t get ruined easily. This makes them a great option to store all your gym gear, including already worn workout clothes.

You also won’t feel bad throwing in your dirty sneakers. The same cannot get said for a more luxurious style bag.

A reusable bag is also large enough to hold bottled water, shower stuff, and workout gear.  You can even customize these with cool fitness sayings, like “gym now, pizza later.”

A simple drawstring bag works well for taking to the gym or your fitness class. Or you may want something with a separate compartment for sweaty workout clothes to go in. You can even wash the bag if it starts to get an odor. 

2. The Baby Bag 

Any mom on-the-go knows that a heavy-duty tote is like a lifeline. They hold snacks, toys, binkies, bottles, and bibs. They also help you avoid motherhood fails, like forgetting to pack diapers. 

The Skip Hop Duo bag offers moms a collection that is both functional and stylish. The bags have enough space for all your baby gear as well as your own personal items.

Their multi-pockets are a key feature for a baby bag. This makes it easy for it to double as a diaper bag and purse. They also offer different styles of handles and straps for a comfortable fit. 

3. The Beach Bag

Any of those still wondering, why use reusable bags? Think about the last time you went to the beach. Sand, sun, and water likely got in every crevice and personal item that you brought with you. 

A reusable bag is a great option for bringing to the beach. As it won’t get damaged from sand and sun. Their casual yet durable design makes it easy to throw in a towel, beach-read, and sunscreen. 

These bags also fold up small to fit in your suitcase. This makes them a perfect accessory for a beach vacation. You can even customize your beach tote with fun vacation sayings. 

4. The Jetsetter Bag

Prepare for your flight with the perfect bag for carrying airplane snacks, books, and an ergonomic neck pillow. Separate passport pockets are another important feature when traveling abroad

Your bag should have a zip enclosure to keep items from falling out mid-flight or when jumping into taxis. It should also be heavy duty enough to withstand hours of travel and TSA checkpoints. 

This makes the Lo and Sons Catalina Deluxe Tote the perfect travel bag. The bottom of the bag has a large compartment for storing slippers or a travel blanket or pillow. It also features an outside pocket for attaching the tote to your suitcase. 

It’s lightweight enough to sling over your shoulder and comes in a variety of trendy colors. It’s also the perfect size for packing for short weekend trips. 

5. The Grocery Bag

The average household brings home about 1,500 plastic grocery bags every year. These are non-biodegradable and most do not get recycled. So they end up in landfills where they release toxins into the ground. 

Reusable grocery bag facts show that we can contribute to a better environment by using them. So rather than paper or plastic, opt for a few grocery totes that you can reuse. 

Many of these also get made from recycled materials. They are more durable than paper and plastic. So they won’t rip under the pressure of canned goods and cartons of milk. 

The recycle bag industry is one that makes a big impact on the economy. But it’s also one that can be stylish, especially when you personalize your own custom tote bags.  

6. The Overnight Bag

Staying the night at a friend or significant other’s place? You’re going to need a bag for all the essentials you can’t live without. This includes toiletries, intimates, and outfit changes. 

The Dagne Dover Landon Carryall Duffle is your go-to. It comes in different sizes, either for overnight stays or weekend getaways. 

It gets made from a durable lightweight neoprene material. The style suits men or women and the design should last you for a lifetime.  

The duffle comes with a shoe bag and a small pouch for extra organization. It also features a laptop sleeve, side pockets, and convertible straps. 

7. The Lunch Bag 

Grocery stores and designer boutiques are all jumping on the reusable bag bandwagon. Reusable bag statistics show that consumers are happy to make this change. As many stores are offering a buyer’s discount or credit, like 10 cents back

So what other ways can you reuse your new bag? These reusable bags make for great lunch totes. It also makes it easy to meal prep your lunch and snacks for healthier eating choices. 

A cooler tote is also smart for holding refrigerated groceries. Then it can get reused as a lunch pack to keep food at the right temperature. 

8. The Laundry Bag

Reusable plastic bags are also great for holding yesterday’s work wardrobe. Why buy a special dry-cleaning bag when you can reuse a canvas or nylon bag? Store it in your office desk then take it to the cleaner’s when you have time.

Companies also make reusable dry-cleaning bags. This way you don’t have to worry about wasting plastic after the clothes get cleaned. 

9. The Working Girl Bag

Many corporate workers are choosing to forgo a bulky briefcase. Instead, they are going for a sleek and lightweight reusable bag. Flat meeting totes make it easy to carry important business docs and folders. 

They fold up small when not in use and also have a spot for pens. Or consider other reusable sizes and styles for carrying your tablet or laptop. 

Add style to them and customize with your business name. These also make for easy and functional branded products for your company.  

10. The Pet Lover Bag

Dog walking gets made easier when you have a lightweight and durable bag at your side. Use one of your many reusable shop’s bags for a walk around the block or taking to the park.

These are great for holding dog biscuits, chew toys, and leashes. As well as collapsible water bowls and poo bags.   

Rethinking the Recycle Bag: A Smart Promotional Product

The recycle bag is an excellent accessory for everyday use. It provides function and can be stylish when you add your own custom touches.

Reusable bags are also a smart tool for promoting your brand name. Here are more promotional items that boost brand awareness and provide tons of use.