4 Ways Branded Merchandise Can Help Your Business

What if your business could follow customers wherever they go?

It doesn’t take an expensive advertising campaign to make this happen. Instead, all it takes is the right use of promotional products.

Keep reading to discover how branded merchandise can help your business.

1. Pens Make Branded Merchandise Part of Daily Life

Over the years, one of the most enduring forms of branding has been free pens. Customers like to receive these pens because they are something practical that they can immediately use.

The more a customer uses the pen, the more often he sees your brands. This keeps you on his mind constantly.

These pens are cheap and easy to produce. Therefore, you can let customers have multiple free pens for their workplace and their home.

This simple product lets you follow customers wherever they go. That’s the reason that over 150 million promotional pens are given out annually.

2. The Key(chains) to the Kingdom

Custom keychains share a lot in common with promotional pens. These are more items that customers enjoy because they offer practical utility.

A keychain is also a great place for your brand name to appear. Customers will see your business name every time they get in their car or walk into their homes.

Essentially, your brand name goes wherever the customer goes. Every single passenger who sees your name on a keychain in a car ignition will start wondering who you are.

The more they see your name, the more you become a name they can trust. This leads to more sales and increased brand awareness.

3. Wearable Merchandise

Your secret advertising weapon within the community is wearable merchandise. Things like t-shirts and armbands are a way to take your marketing to the next level.

Wearable merchandise is a low-cost way of helping loyal customers to advertise your product. And this form of advertisement has only become more effective.

Such merchandise from companies like Dynamic Gift is great because customers trust word of mouth most of all. Seeing your shirts around town is a great way for prospective clients to learn who you are.

4. Brewing Better Marketing

The coffee cup is a form of branded merchandise that many businesses overlook. However, this may be the most powerful form of marketing.

For many customers, coffee is the most important part of their daily ritual. It helps wake them up in the morning and get through long days at work.

A coffee cup with your business name on it makes you part of that daily ritual. Plus, the customer will be carrying your name to work where others will see it and ask about your business.

As an added bonus, the customer will associate the pleasant feeling of drinking coffee with the name on the coffee cup!

The Bottom Line

Branded merchandise is one of the best ways to stay on customer’s minds. It makes a great “one-two punch” with social media marketing as well.

At Find a Business That, we know it’s important to be where your customers are. And if you’re on social media, that means you never stop being with your customers!

Check out our tips for social media marketing to grow your business!

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