3 DIY Tips to Decorate Your Baby Nursery

Having sleep issues with your infant?

Did you know that the way you design your baby nursery can impact their sleep behavior?

Not only can the wrong baby nursery environment make it harder for your little one to fall (and stay) asleep, but it can also pose serious risks.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, 3,500 infants die annually from sleep-related deaths. Many of the causes for these fatalities are related to the baby’s sleep environment.

While it may seem important to have a stylishly decorated baby nursery, your tot’s safety needs to be the top priority.

Read on to find out do-it-yourself tips to help your baby sleep sound and safe!

A Safer Solution for Baby’s Sleep

If your baby is having trouble sleeping, it can be a drag for the whole family.

During your baby’s first year, they will go through many different stages that will affect their waking hours and their sleep schedules. It’s common for babies to experience bedtime issues such as eight-month-old sleep regression. But, that doesn’t make it any easier.

When bedtime is a hassle, parents will often go to any length to help their little one get a good night’s rest. Sleep-deprived parents may be tempted to bring their baby into bed to snuggle. But, before making any risky decisions, there may be some do-it-yourself decorating tricks that can help you both catch your z’s.

Do-It-Yourself Tips for a Safe and Sound Baby Nursery

You may not have considered the effect that your baby nursery has on their sleep. But, many nurseries aren’t conducive to providing a calm, resting environment. Here are some simple do-it-yourself decorating tips to make sure your nursery is as peaceful as can be.

1. When it Comes to Cribs, Less is More

Crib bedding that includes quilts, bumper pads, blankies, or pillows isn’t necessary for sound sleep. In fact, a cluttered crib can be uncomfortable and dangerous. It’s suggested by experts that a firm mattress is the only thing that should be in your baby’s crib.

2. Decorate Walls and Floors in Calming Hues

Save the cutesy bedding and use the walls and floors to add decorative touches instead.

Choose calm color themes, such as subdued blues or an earthy green shade, both which are known anxiety-reducers.

Create a simple painted-on pattern to border the top of the nursery wall.

Clouds on a pale blue background or neutral-toned bunnies against a muted green landscape make for a precious nursery. These designs don’t require professional painters. They can be easily hand-drawn or stenciled, even for beginner artists.

Use a big, fluffy rug in a similar shade to add a soft appearance and cut down on the floor’s echoes.

3. Lighting the Way to Dreamland

If your baby’s room is too brightly lit, it can interfere with their sleep. Babies and adults sleep better in darker environments.

Use dim lights during the day to encourage a calm and cozy mood. Creative lighting solutions, such as thoughtfully positioned strings of lights, are better than harsh overhead lighting.

More Do-It-Yourself Decorating Ideas for Your Nursery

Another way to help baby rest is to block out natural light once bedtime arrives with blinds or curtains.

You can make your own roman shade window treatments using thick canvas and creative tiebacks. This works great in other areas of your home as well.

Need some inspiration for one-of-a-kind curtains?

Check out our blog for ideas to get you started!

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