3 Simple DIY Curtain Tie Backs to Brighten Your Home

If you’re wanting to let some light into your home, you know how expensive curtain tie backs can be. Sure, they come in unique designs but who really wants to drop $50 on something that’s not quite visible?

Plus you’d have to buy two. Or multiples if you have more than one window with curtains.

Can you see the dollar signs adding up? If this has you stressing out, don’t worry. We’ll take you through a few DIYs that are affordable, easy and look better than store-bought curtain tie backs.

Ready to see what they are? Let’s get into it!

Rope Tie Backs

Rope is one of those materials that’s universal. It’s easy to work with and can blend in with any style of home decor.

While this DIY would look great in a nautical themed room, it can be placed anywhere. It’s great for adding texture and goes with any color of curtain.

You’ll want to grab a rope that’s not too thick. That way, it’s easier to work with.

Using twine, form a loop at the ends of the rope. Then, using a glue gun, attach it to the rope and wrap the remaining excess about an inch or two around the rope.

Once it’s dried, hang it up using nails or eye hooks. Since these are easy to make, it’s no problem if you have to make multiples.

Use a Necklace

If you’re not a fan of drilling holes into your wall for your tiebacks, this DIY takes care of that. We all know someone with jewelry that they no longer wear.

Whether that’s you or a friend, a necklace works great as a curtain tie back. There are no holes to drill into the wall and there’s an abundance of stylish options.

Pick your favorite and wrap it around the curtain. If it fits loosely, cut the necklace to where it fits a little snug. After all, you don’t want it to slip.

Once you’ve found the perfect length, you can use twine, string or a jump ring to hold it in place.

This DIY works well if you want to achieve a quirky, whimsical look by using different styles of necklaces. It’s also a fun way to add some unique details into a child’s bedroom.

Beaded Curtain Tie Backs

If you’re someone who’s picky about the color and material used for your tiebacks, this DIY is perfect for you. It’s easy and all materials can be substituted for other ones.

It involves wooden beads, which can be found at any local craft store. They’re inexpensive and can be painted any color to achieve the look you’re going for.

Once you’ve painted them or left them as is, string them onto twine or suede cord for an added pop of color. Be sure to double the stringing material.

The reason you double it is so it can attach to the nails or eye hooks in the wall. Simply tie knots onto the ends to secure the beads.

If these DIYs don’t appeal to you and you’re fed up with having curtains, S:CRAFT shutters offer a multitude of window options suited for your home.

Wrapping Up

Who says curtain tie backs have to be expensive? They’re easy and add a unique touch when you make them yourself.

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