How Muscular Men Can Find the Best Clothing

Building a lean, muscular body is an impressive feat. It takes dedication and consistent hard work, not to mention keeping to your diet. Getting stylish men’s clothing is a similar story.

Building strong muscles has a lot of benefits for your health and aesthetics, but it does come with one slight issue.

When you upgrade your body, you notice that your clothes don’t fit the way they used to. Or they’re just not showcasing your gains the way you want. You’ll have to upgrade your wardrobe along with your body.

This can take a bit of effort because modern menswear is often designed for men who are not in good shape. There is little to no room for healthy muscles.

With the right knowledge, you’ll have a much easier time to find the right clothes to drape your masculine brawn.

Keep reading to learn how to find the right clothes and style for your muscular body.

General Men’s Clothing Tips

Let’s start with some simple tips and guidelines, to make your shopping as straightforward and comprehensive as your workouts.

Having the right ideas for clothing choices is as important to your style as getting the right nutrition is for your physique.

These tips will help you know where to look, and make your decisions easier.

1. Finding the Right Fit

Men’s clothing style is all about creating a lean, aesthetic silhouette. The ideal male body balances wide shoulders, ribcage, and back with a slim waist.

The basic goal when finding your style is wearing clothes that outline and highlight this shape.

Most men wear clothing that’s too loose on their bodies. Although your body may be growing, it’s a good idea to try a smaller size. If you’re used to wearing a Large, try a Medium.

2. Find Your Brand

What many people don’t realize is that each brand caters to a different body type. While store brands often cover a wide range or don’t design with body shapes in mind, proper brands do.

Look for brands that design for strong, masculine bodies

A good place to start is looking at their advertisement to see what kind of models they employ. If you only see skinny dudes, their clothes are unlikely to fit you. If you see strong bodies, go ahead and try something on.

3. Consider the Expertise of a Tailor

If you want a perfect fit every time, a tailor can help you in many ways. You can place an order for custom clothing, and you may bring clothes for refitting.

Getting the help of a tailor does to your clothing what getting a personal trainer does for your fitness.

Buying from a proper men’s clothing brand that has good tailors working for them will make it even easier. LS Mens Clothing is a good example.

Now let’s look at specific clothing items and how to find the best options.

Casual Wear and Gym Wear

The typical athletic man doesn’t wear formal clothing on a regular basis. Maybe once a week, maximum.

Casual wear is the biggest part of men’s clothing style. It’s also the most flattering to a muscular physique. If you get it right, that is, so let’s make sure you will.


Keep it simple. Plain shirts and t-shirts make the perfect rule of thumb. Avoid excessive designs and brand logos, unless one really speaks to you in particular.

Each brand and design may come with different fits. Most of them will look good on a strong man with healthy lats. Try a few different fits to see which works best for you. Just stay away from relaxed fits, they’re not for you.


Buying pants that fit right is the hardest style challenge for muscular men. Fashion designers tend to promote the skinny look. Finding pants with enough room for muscles and other masculine features in an ordinary clothing shop isn’t easy.

However, it’s not that hard once you find the right place to look and identify the right fits.

Remember the importance of outlining your body. Certain cuts help enhance your features with a straight or tapered look under the knees. Good examples are slim-fit, tapered fit, and straight cut.

Pants that flare at the knee, such as boot-cut jeans, will have the opposite effect. They can even give you a short and stocky look.


Shorts are a special challenge with a major pitfall.

It’s simple, just get a roomy pair of cargo shorts, right?


This is why people think American men have no sense of style. Shorts are so much more than that. There’s nothing wrong with cargos themselves. Just don’t stick to bulky, ill-fitting shorts.

There are many stylish options. The goal is achieving balance with the inseam. It shouldn’t be too far below your knee, that’s as wrong as not covering your upper thigh. Both extremes are bad.

You can’t go wrong with an inseam just over the knee. This will ensure good proportions and a long-legged look.

Outer Wear

Bad outerwear can ruin the best of styles.

Jackets, coats, and blazers are just as important as any other piece of clothing. They’re not just something you put on for some extra warmth.

These garments really finish the look. Choose ones that enhance the masculine style you’re going for.

A lot of outerwear doesn’t seem to fit any body type, they’re shapeless blobs that ruin your style.

It’s hard to go wrong with a classic leather jacket, as long as it has the type of cut that highlights your V-shaped torso.

Formal Wear

Formal wear can be a lot trickier than regular clothes as a muscular man.

Most suits and dress shirts are designed for men in less-than-ideal shape. While they can give the illusion of a stronger body, that only applies if you’re not strong to begin with.

You want something that makes your silhouette look even better.

There are three common hurdles when getting men’s clothing for muscular physique:

  1. Shirts are too tight for your shoulders
  2. Slacks are too loose around the calves
  3. Jackets are too tight for a full chest

There are two easy ways around this. You can visit a tailor or take your own measurements and order a custom suit online.

The downside to those options is that you’ll spend a lot of money.

You may find good fits off the rack if you search around. It’s a good ask around online for other muscular men’s experiences and opinions. Some brands have options for muscular men, try a few on for size.

If you have really big muscles and you can’t afford a well-tailored suit, consider buying a bigger size.

Dress Shirts

Dress shirts are simple, conservative designs. There’s not much to worry about, other than ensuring a decent chest-to-waist ratio.

Look for ones that say athletic fit. If you can’t find any, try slim fit or classic fit.

Final Thoughts on Muscular Men’s Wear

Regardless of size, many men feel resistance to updating their style and wardrobe.

Think of how much time, effort, and money you put into training and nutrition. Shopping for a new set of clothing takes a tiny fraction of that.

It will make your gains visible to the world in the best of ways. Your style communicates your personality and power to the world.

Try some new ideas, experiment with styles. Don’t hesitate to ask for an honest second opinion. And make sure to listen only to people with a sense of style.

Now you know what to look for in stylish men’s clothing for muscular bodies. Go put this knowledge into practice.

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