Painting Your House: DIY Project vs Hiring Professional Painters

You’ve just moved into a new house or apartment and it feels like a prison. The walls are either stark white or a putrid brown color that should have been left in the ’80s.

Looking at the mound of boxes on the floor, you know your first priority should be moving your things into place and settling in, but you can’t stop staring at those awful walls.

You have a decision to make. Should you try to paint your walls by yourself or should you hire professional painters?

DIY Painting

Pro: Affordability

Painting your own rooms will likely be cheaper than hiring professional painters.

You will only need to purchase the necessary painting materials, but if you are inexperienced in painting materials, you may need to buy many different types before you find the best fit for you.

Con: Time

Painting your own room will cost you time. You need to test several paint samples for your space, buy and practice with brushes, and prepare your space for painting.

Many times, you will need to prime your walls before you paint, and wait for each layer to dry before painting a new one.

Painting your room may seem like an easy task, but it could easily take more than a full day to complete properly.

Con: Possible mishaps

Painting your own room may seem like a simple task, but there is actually a lot of preparation involved in painting a space.

If you are renting, mistakes made by an amateur painter could cost you your security deposit when you move out.

You must dust all surfaces, tape ceilings, electrical boxes, and other items before painting.

You may need to buy several types of primers and paints before finding the right one for your room.

Professional Painters

Pro: Experience

Professional painters have ample experience painting on a variety of surfaces from many different colors.

They know how to paint an isolated surface without causing any damage to electrical sockets, floors, and baseboards.

Hiring a professional painting service like this company will ensure your room is completed to the color and quality you want.

Pro: Convenience

Professional painters will save you the inconvenience of having to cover your floors, tape your walls, and dust and wipe surfaces beforehand.

You won’t have to re-do any walls or crevices because you’ve made an amateur mistake, and you won’t have to give anything to your landlord down the road.

Pro: Time

While a professional is painting your room, you are free to do whatever you want with the hours of preparation and stress of painting your own room.

You don’t have to take off work, postpone family activities, or stay in your room inhaling paint for hours on end.

Con: Cost

Professional painters tend to be more expensive than buying painting materials yourself, but hiring a professional could save you money long term if you aren’t experienced.

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