How to Dress Better: 10 Tips to Look Like a Man, Not a Boy

Are you a man? Do people think you dress with style or do you feel shy and nervous because of what you wear?

As a guy, dressing up like a “real man” is vital in looking awesome. 85% of surveyed women think that a well-dressed man is more appealing than someone with money. That’s something for you to ponder.

If you’re a young guy in your early 20’s, now’s the time to look like a man among boys…forever. Interested? If that’s the case, throw those baggy clothes away!

Want to know how to dress better?

Here’s how you do it. We promise it’s not that hard.

1. Be a Man and Wear a Suit

The number one thing to elevate your style to the gentleman you think you are is a crisp pair of suit and tie. Boys tend to have an oversized suit.

Your default should be a suit with perfect fitting. Not everyone can afford a custom-made ensemble, but if you can, go for it! If you need to pick, here are some tips.

How to Know If a Suit Fits You

If you want to tell if the suit fits, look at the shoulder.

The fabric should not hang from the side of your shoulder. You want it square. The sleeve should never bulge, otherwise, you won’t be able to move.

It should be comfortable too! Close the button and put your index and middle finger in it. A fitting suit should fit your body plus the two fingers.

Don’t forget the lapels! Bulging on the lapel means it’s constricted and too tight for your build.

2. Invest in a Top-Quality Pair of Jeans

A solid pair of high-quality jeans is a timeless investment. If you’re on the younger side of your 20’s, you want to exude an active, adventurous aura.

A casual dress style with jeans looks rebellious. Not all cuts would work though.

Pick a pair that looks sturdy. We recommend a slim fit for the athletic look if you’re skinny to medium-built. Go for a relaxed fit if you have extra masculinity in you.

You can use it anywhere you need a casual style, and it will never fail you.

3. Elevate Your Shoe Game

Your shoe game needs to be on point. Most guys tend to have a metric tonnage of sneakers. This isn’t too bad, but here’s how to improve style points at any time of the year.

A nice pair of leather wingtips is perfect for both business and leisure. Wear them on dates with jeans and you’re on for that smart casual dress style.

Another pair you need to have? Boots. We’re not talking about your punk-style military boots! Instead, we’re talking about some hot desert boots.

Wearing a pair of chukkas would look cool in anything, from slacks to shorts and everything else. Desert boots tend to run as much as an average pair of kicks, so have a pair of them ready. Wingtips and boots tell everyone that you mean business.

Also, make it a habit to have different shoes. Don’t wear the same pair on a regular basis.

4. Wear an Awesome Watch

We’ve said you need to up your man game with a suit and that’s right. Real men wear suits. They also wear some nice bling.

We’re not talking about any bling. This isn’t a rap battle. We’re talking about stylish watches.

Spend some extra money on an analog watch. It doesn’t have to be a chronometer watch since those will set you back around a thousand bucks.

Pick a wristwatch with a nice shiny metal bezel. The straps can be either excellent-quality leather or metal. That’s all up to you.

You want a nice-sized watch head with a snug fitting strap. This is essential any “how to improve style” guide. It also works for any dress occasion, from a casual style dinner to a business meeting.

5. Keeping High-Quality Tees

If you’re someone that can’t bother with suits, at least get some decent tees. You can still elevate your style with tees if you know what to do.

Do away with your wafer-thin, low-cost shirts. There’s a must-have shirt style that you need to look like a man.

Start with high-quality neutral tees. A neutral tee in black, white, gray or olive works for almost any casual dress style. Pair it with your jeans or shorts, some slip-on’s and you’re golden.

Earth tones can be fantastic on you as well. Go for that subdued but manly dress style. Wear this color on adventures to up the macho in you.

6. Shorts for the Right Occasion

Speaking of shorts, they should never get a ban in your closet. All you need is the time and place to wear them.

Pick shorts that are snug-fit, durable, and go above the knee. Never wear anything that goes below the knee. Otherwise, you’ll look like you’re ready for the hardware store.

Above-the-knee shorts make you look sharp, not messy. Wear shorts when a casual style event means much movement and outdoor activities. You want to look fresh and rebellious, so shorts are the way to do it.

7. Wear Stylish Men’s Jewelry

Stylish jewelry help set the men apart from the boys. Don’t be afraid to bling up if necessary — but keep in mind to stay subtle about it.

Start by wearing a bracelet or a necklace. Choose one that looks discreet — nothing that sparkles too much. Jewelry can give you that mysterious but sophisticated air to you.

Want to finish the look? Elevate your style with some cufflinks on your suit. You can view here for some choice designs to pick.

8. Dress Like a Boss

Dressing like a boss doesn’t mean you need to look formal all the time. Do you know why models in magazines look fantastic? It’s because they wear their clothes with confidence.

Being a boss means being confident under your skin. Good posture, no slouching. The intent is to look and feel like a million bucks.

Act like it.

9. Keep Testing and Experimenting

Real men should test what they look like. Having to elevate your style means trying on new colors that you don’t wear.

Don’t be afraid to wear something experimental! It may be a dark pink suit, a different style belt, or even a tie. Mix and match and see what looks good at the very end.

Go for high-quality in any buy, but it doesn’t have to break the bank.

10. Save Up for Something Luxurious

Let’s face it, not every good thing can be from the bargain. Cut down on the unnecessary or frivolous and save up for a good-looking luxurious piece.

Buy a chronometer watch. Pick up some simple jewelry. Invest in some custom clothes.

Sure, you can buy a $60 video game and stay at home. You can also get some nice-looking leather shoes for the price of three.

A Man Needs to Know How To Dress Better

Dressing like a man requires some effort and investment from your side. You want to elevate your style with a mix of more formal pieces with your everyday attire. It might feel overgrooming but as long as you get fitting add-ons, you’ll get the hang of it.

If you’re looking for a way on how to dress better, leveling up your outfit game is crucial. You also need the right people to help you.

Find a custom suit maker. Pick the Right AV equipment for your party. They can even find you an excellent roofing contractor.

Find the right people for your needs. Give them a look and see where they can help you.