Your Get Out of Jail Card: Finding The Best Way to Post Bail


That’s the sound of jail bars closing behind you. This is a frightening sound that none of us ever want to hear.

However, things do happen, and you need to know how to get out from behind those bars if you get arrested. Our court system uses bail as a contract to guarantee your release, with the agreement that you show up to court.

Every arrest and charge comes with a different bail amount. If you want to learn how to post bail, read on.

Call Up a Friend to Help You Post Bail

One of your rights after getting arrested is a phone call. If you need to post bail, your friends and family can be your best bet.

After you know your bail amount, call up someone you trust to get you out. This is a positive not only because they will help you to post the money amount, but they can also speak to your character and convince the magistrate that you will show up to court and honor the agreement.

Think about who you trust most and call them as quickly as possible for help. Make good on your promise and set up an agreement to pay them back as quickly as you can.

Reach Out to a Bail Bond Agent

Reaching out to a bail bond agent is one of the most common things to do after you get arrested.

A bail agent will put the money up for you, with you only paying a fraction. For instance, a judge may set bail at $50,000, which you might pay 10% of up front to a bail bond agent.

Every bail agent and jurisdiction has different laws, so this is something that you need to know before making an agreement. There are lots of bail bond agents available. Always reach out to one like this company and speak to the agent personally before moving forward.

Hiring a bail agent is one of the best steps that you can take because they know and understand the bail agent and can move quickly on your behalf.

Put Up Your Property or Another Asset

With a bail amount set, you can also take action into your own hands by paying it yourself.

But what if you don’t have cash on hand?

Thankfully, the courts accept property as collateral. For instance, you can place your house or vehicle as collateral, with the understanding that they are up for grabs if you do not honor the terms of your bail.

Many people use jewelry as an asset as well. Take inventory of your assets to see which you would like to use.

Get Out of Jail Fast

It’s important that you post bail so that you can get out of jail fast!

Since this can be a demoralizing prospect, it’s important that you exercise your rights and find help. Once you bail out of jail, take the next important steps and find a good lawyer for your legal case.