6 Down-N-Dirty Ideas for Carpet Cleaning Ads You Can Roll out Today

Does your carpet cleaning business need a boost when it comes to exposure? Have you been falling short on the number of carpets to clean lately?

If so, you may need a new marketing plan. The right type of marketing can be key when it comes to bringing in the right business.

Cleaning ads can really go a long way in promoting your business. But how do you stand out among all the other ads out there? It’s simple, as long as you know how to grab attention.

To help you get started in the right direction, here are six carpet cleaning ad ideas you can implement today.

1. Don’t Just Say You’re the Best-Say Why

When creating your ads, remember that just about every company is going to advertise that they’re the best. So instead of telling everyone the same thing they’ll hear everywhere else, make sure you tell them why.

Why should someone choose your carpet cleaning company over someone else’s? If you can’t answer this question, you’ve got a problem. You need to be able to distinguish between your company and other ones.

Consider what makes your company the best. Is it your customer service? How about your prices?

Whatever it is, make sure people know!

2. Speak to Your Target Audience

The dialogue in your ads should be written directly to your target audience. Don’t address the general public, and don’t talk like you’re speaking to a kid if you want to grab an adult’s attention.

Talking on a child’s level will probably grab adults’ attention, but not in the way that you want it to.

The first step is to decide who your target audience is. Once you’ve figured that out, speak to them directly.

If you’re specifically wanting to reach out to homeowners, tell them why they need the carpets in their home cleaned. Don’t talk about all the commercial work you’ve done.

3. Have an Awesome Website

If you want to get noticed, you need a website. It’s common knowledge that when people need something they go to the internet. So give people a place to find out about your company when they see or hear your ads.

A great website must include several elements. Provide information about your business, including location and contact information. Make sure you clearly state what services you offer.

Your website is a great place to advertise your awesome customer reviews. Create a page where you can pull review information from other sites such as Yelp and Facebook.

Don’t forget to make your site mobile friendly. If you don’t, you’ll be missing out on a lot of traffic.

Learn more about great website design by finding some killer examples. Take notes on what you do and don’t like as you observe.

4. Talk about Them, Not You

When promoting your business, focus on what the customer will get out of your services, not the services themselves. If all you talk about is how you clean carpets, your audience is going to tune out. Instead, let them know exactly how they’ll benefit from letting you clean their carpets.

Will they save money? Will they have a healthier home environment?

Make sure they know. Otherwise, they aren’t going to care. Make sure your service offers something that will benefit the people you’re trying to sell to.

5. Design a Killer Logo

Not only do you need to get your name out there, you need it to be recognizable. That means you’re going to need a great logo. And that logo should be present in your ads.

Logos use all sorts of fonts, colors, shapes, and designs. Make sure yours is unique and that it’s appropriate for the kind of business you do.

Take some time to peruse the logos of similar companies. Make sure yours isn’t way out there when it comes to your industry, but that it stands out from everyone else’s.

If all other carpet cleaning companies in your area have white and red logos, go with a different color scheme.

Once you’ve designed your logo, make sure it’s seen. Put it on refrigerator magnets, pens, employee t-shirts, and company vehicles. The more it’s seen, the more people will think of you when they need their carpets cleaned.

6. Use Social Media

Once you’ve created your attention-grabbing ads, take them to social media. From there you can share them, and others can share them too. You can even utilize built-in features like Facebook ads to spread those ads even farther.

Billions of people use social media platforms on a regular basis. That’s a huge audience to not take advantage of. Create at least one social media account so users can interact with you.

Social media can work for you in a few different ways. You can share your ads there, and you can use your ads to tell people you’re using social media. This creates multiple ways for you to get your company’s name out there.

To really integrate the two, offer special deals in your ads for those who use the social media platform you’re on. This can be as simple as “All new followers receive 20% off their first carpet cleaning service”.

Use These Tips to Create Killer Cleaning Ads Today

The secret to great carpet cleaning ads is there is no secret! It isn’t hard to create an ad that really works for your business.

Simply get to know your audience and their needs and tendencies and you’ll be well on your way. Keep these six tips in mind as you plan your ads and you’re sure to get the additional business you’re looking for.

Do you have a physical location where potential customers can come to learn about your business? If so, check out our article on creating a great customer experience.