Shingles or Shambles: 10 Tips for Hiring a Quality Roof Contractor

Finding a roof contractor to put a new roof on your home or fix a problem with the roof on your business shouldn’t be an issue at all.

There are more than 100,000 roofing companies in the U.S. right now, which means you should be able to find one in your area easily. But how do you know if that one is the best roofing company for your specific needs?

Before you hire a roof contractor to replace or repair your residential or commercial roof, do your homework to make sure they’re the right roofer for the job. Here are 10 tips for hiring a quality roof contractor.

1. Ask Around for Recommendations

The first thing you should do whenever you’re trying to track down a reputable roof contractor in your area is ask friends, family members, neighbors, and other businesses if they can provide you with recommendations.

There’s a good chance that you know someone who utilized the services of a roofing company recently. They can probably point you in the right direction and suggest a roofing contractor who can help you.

2. Scan Through Online Reviews

If you don’t have much luck when you seek out recommendations from people you know, lean on the opinions of others when searching for a roofing contractor.

Google the words “roof contractor” and your location and you’ll find dozens of options in your immediate area. You’ll also find reviews for each contractor from those home and business owners who have worked with them in the past.

Scroll through these reviews and look for patterns. If there are lots of people vouching for one contractor over all the rest, they might be someone you should consider for your roofing job.

3. Rely on Better Business Bureau Ratings

Serious roof contractors know that it’s a great idea for them to register with the Better Business Bureau and maintain a positive rating on the BBB’s website.

Once you have a few contractors in mind, search for their names on the BBB website and see what comes up. Check out the scores achieved by each roofing business and be wary of any business that doesn’t have a listing on the site.

4. Steer Clear of So-Called “Storm Chasers”

Are you looking for a roofing contractor to assist you with your roof following a bad storm in your area?

If so, look out for “storm chasers” who travel the country and prey on unsuspecting home and business owners who need their roofs repaired or replaced in a pinch. These storm chasers don’t always do the best work and could make your situation even worse than it already is.

Generally speaking, you should almost always use the services of a roofer who is based somewhere in or near your community.

5. Reach Out to Several Roof Contractors You Like Best

At this stage of the game, you should have a short list of roof contractors that you’re considering for your roofing job. Contact each one and speak with them about the job you need to be done.

You can tell a lot about a contractor while speaking with them over the phone. They should make you feel comfortable and listen to whatever problems you’re experiencing with your roof.

You can also gauge how well a contractor communicates by reaching out to them. If they take too long to respond to phone calls or emails, they might not be the right company for your job.

6. Make Sure Contractors Offer the Services You Need

Not all roofing contractors are created equal. Some specialize in residential roof repairs and don’t do much in terms of roof replacements, while others focus solely on commercial roofing projects.

Before you fall in love with one roof contractor over all the others, make sure that contractor is capable of offering you the services you need. It’ll save you a lot of time if they don’t happen to do the kind of work you’re looking for.

7. Look for Contractors Who Stand Behind Their Work

Will a roofing contractor come back to your home or business and fix an issue with your roof if it pops up shortly after they’re done working on it?

The answer to that question should always be an unequivocal “Yes!” when you’re talking to a roofing expert. They should be more than happy to provide you with some kind of warranty on their work once they’re done with it.

8. Use Roofing Quotes to Your Advantage

When you’re in the process of speaking with different roofing contractors, obtain quotes from them with regards to your roof repair or replacement.

Each company should come and check out your roof and let you know how much they would charge you to repair or replace it. These quotes can help you make a final decision as you weigh your options.

9. Consider More Than Just Cost

Although the cost of roof repair or replacement is obviously important, it shouldn’t be the only determining factor when deciding which roof contractor to work with.

You’re going to get what you pay for when working on your roof. If you go with a company that gives you a lowball offer, you could end up getting shoddy work in return.

You’ll want to think about which quote from your roof contractors is best, but you’ll also want to consider the experience and expertise that each contractor has.

10. Check for Proof of Insurance

Regardless of which contractor you ultimately decide to hire, you should always, always, always make sure they have business insurance. It’ll protect you in the event that someone gets hurt or something gets damaged during a roofing job.

Find the Right Roof Contractor for Your Roofing Job Today

Try not to get too overwhelmed when you’re looking around for the perfect roof contractor.

There are plenty of options available, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You can find the best contractor for your home or business if you’re willing to work at it and use the tips listed here to guide you.

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