A Brief Guide to Using Promotional Codes to Advertise Your Business

Did you know that 96% of consumers in the U.S. use coupons? That some people even consider their use a major part of their lifestyle?

That’s right. After all, coupon usage offers some of the best money-saving techniques out there. That stigma about how only penny-pinchers favor them has died a long time ago.

With so many people using these promotional offers every single day, it’s time you get your business involved. Coupon marketing is a great way to let people know who you are and share the good news about your brand.

But how exactly do you implement this coupon marketing strategy? Don’t worry. That’s what we’ll show you today, so, keep reading!

List the Items/Services to Include in Your Coupon Marketing Campaign

Marketing through coupons applies to almost any kind of business.

That includes e-commerce and physical brick and mortar businesses. Offering a handy promo code can make customers go knocking at your doors.

But this means choosing the right products or services to offer these discounts with. For instance, you can offer them for some of your most popular offers. That way, you can further increase their sales.

Coupons also work wonders on new offers. Offering discounts can make people more interested and willing to give these new items/services a try.

Make a Solid Offer for Pricier Items

Did you know that Blue Nile, EvesAddiction, and other famous jewelry brands offer promo codes?

So, why not take a page out of their book and do the same for your business’ more expensive products/services? Coupons for your brand’s higher-priced offers can make your customers more willing to spend money on them.

You get to profit from them (finally!) and make your clients even more loyal to your brand.

Promote Your Promotions Via Social Media

There are 2.23 billion active Facebookers. There are more than one billion Instagrammers. See where we’re getting at?

Not taking advantage of social media for all your marketing efforts will make you lose a huge portion of your supposed market share. Whether it’s content/blog marketing or discount coupons, you need to promote them through your social media platforms.

Putting in a social media share button on your coupons will also make them easier to spread like wildfire! Also, consider adding an incentive for those who’ll share the discount online.

For instance, you can give another 10% discount on top of the primary discount for the simple act of sharing them through Facebook or Instagram.

Don’t Forget to Brand Your Coupons

Coupons are a branding method in itself. But who said you can’t make them work even harder for you? With the right eye-catching logo on them, you can double the marketing effects they have.

More Pro Tips on How to Make Coupons for Your Business

Before you implement your coupon marketing campaign, make sure they have the most attractive format. That means writing them out in the most eye-catching manner. Rather than using percentages, use dollar values instead.

So long as you follow these tips, you can make your coupons rake in all those customers.

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