What to Look for In a Business Security Service

Of all the decisions you make as a business owner, protection is one of the most important. You can’t afford to cut corners here. If you do, you risk the safety of your employees, the value of your products, and the integrity of your brand as a whole.

Just one security breach is enough to bring your entire company under. This goes for digital security as well as real-life protection. If you have any sort of brick and mortar store or warehouse, it’s worth investing in a business security system.

You might need a few security cameras and an alarm or a full-scale unit of bodyguards working ’round the clock. It depends on the kind of business you run and everything you need to protect.

Before you get into all the specifics of security, though, you should know what to look for. Here are the top 3 things every respectable security provider has.

1. Proper Training

Would you trust someone who’s never held a gun before to carry a loaded weapon? Probably not. Similarly, you need to be able to know that your security guards have been trained to use weapons appropriately when necessary.

This is about much more than pointing and shooting. Training also involves how to make judgment calls, what steps to take before affirmative action, and using weapons for protection rather than violence. More often than not, there’s a better solution than pulling a gun on a potential danger.

Not to mention, guns don’t solve everything. There may be times when guards have to engage dangers in a different way, or when they need to focus on evacuations and rescues rather than an outside party.

2. Good Experience

As good as it is to know that your potential security guards have had the proper training, it’s even more reassuring to talk to people with a depth of experience in the field. It’s not the same to train to be a security guard as it is to actually deal with the day to day duties of the role.

There are many things guards end up doing outside of their job description. Plus, the more experience a certain person/team has, the better they will perform when a danger comes your way.

It’s kind of like playing a game of odds. When you’re about to choose a professional security service firm in Philadelphia – or anywhere else for that matter – you want the seasoned, first-string team, nothing less.

3. Professionalism

The final quality to look for is professionalism. The security guard standing outside of your multi-million corporation shouldn’t act like a bouncer at a college bar.

There’s a certain level of respect that comes with higher-profile security needs. Unfortunately, not everyone understands this. Always go with the team that shows you the highest level of professionalism.

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