10 Real Estate Marketing Tips That Will Get You More Sales

There are roughly 150,000 real estate agents in America, and all of them are trying to get ahead at all times and beat out their competition.

If you’re going to stand out, you have to take a fresh approach to real estate marketing and find ways to differentiate yourself from other real estate agents.

Take a look at 10 real estate marketing tips that will help you to get a leg up on the realtors in your city.

1. Devote at Least One Day Every Week to Real Estate Marketing

How seriously are you taking your real estate marketing right now?

Far too often, realtors think they can simply find time throughout the day to market themselves here and there. But this is not how it works.

Marketing your real estate company could really be a job in and of itself. You could literally spend 40 hours every week just marketing your business and trying to drum up interest in it.

You obviously don’t have time to do that. But you should make it a point to spend one whole day every week doing real estate marketing. Try and pick a day that isn’t very busy to do it.

2. Work on Marketing Yourself in One Specific Part of Town

If you work in a large city, you’re probably not going to be able to step in and dominate the market right away. Even small towns have established realtors that will make it impossible for you to become the go-to realtor overnight.

One way to get yourself started, though, is by picking a small sliver of a city or town and focusing on becoming the best realtor in that area. When you do that, you will give yourself a better chance to grow as time goes on.

Educate yourself about the area you choose and then blanket it with real estate marketing materials. This real estate group provides a good example as far as breaking a city up into segments and attacking it from all angles.

3. Make It Your Mission to Dominate Your Area

Once you have a stranglehold on one specific part of town, make it yours. Continue to market yourself to those in that community and don’t allow other realtors to step into your territory.

Your goal should be to show everyone who lives in that area that you’re the best real estate agent for any job. Even though it might seem silly to market yourself as the best realtor in a relatively small area, it’s a great way to get people to trust you.

4. Revamp Your Website to Maximize Traffic

In addition to putting in work in the real world to market yourself, you also need to establish an online presence.

When people are searching for real estate agents in your area, is your name coming up at the top of search engines?

If it’s not, it might be time to overhaul your website. You should strive to make SEO more of a priority and do what you can to increase the number of people visiting your site every day.

Traffic spikes will lead to more people calling on you to help them with their real estate needs.

5. Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media for realtors is something that’s very important. Most real estate agents use social media to some degree, but there are so many ways to set yourself apart on social media.

You can:

  • Conduct an open house on Facebook Live and show people what one of your homes has to offer
  • Use Snapchat to show all the amazing features in a home that just went on the market
  • Post gorgeous shots of homes you are trying to sell on Instagram

You should be fully committed to making your social media presence felt in your city.

6. Create Online Videos About the Services You Offer

Do you want to let people know what you’re all about? You could put together a 2,000-word blog entry listing all your amazing services.

But who actually has time to read all that?

Instead of going that route, you should consider putting together an online video series that highlights your services. From telling people what they can expect when buying a home through you to shining a light on the different pitfalls you’ll help people avoid, you can say a lot through an online video.

7. Send Out Postcards to Advertise Your Business

While most people have access to the internet these days, you should keep in mind that not everyone uses it to watch videos and scroll through social media. Those people might miss your online posts about your services.

So you should still take the old-school approach every now and then and mail out postcards advertising your services to them.

These postcards should include the name of your company, a headshot, and potentially even one or two local listings. It will give people a taste of what they can expect if they call you for help.

8. Find a Way to Connect With Millennials

About one-third of all homebuyers today are millennials. The millennial market is huge and it’s only to get bigger as time goes on.

It’s your job to recognize this and find a way to get them to trust you to be their real estate agent.

That might mean targeting them through social media campaigns. It might also mean holding special workshops for first-time homebuyers in the hopes of enticing them to come out and meet you.

Whatever the case, you should make every effort to get millennials interested in buying a home with your help.

9. Come Up With a Clever Logo for Your Company

It’s amazing how many real estate agents put little to no thought into their logos. Most just use their names and a generic photo of a house.

You can do better than that! If you spend even just a little bit of time creating a logo for your real estate business, it could go a long way.

People will remember your logo when they see it and feel your presence in their area where you have signs with your logo posted all over town.

10. Follow Up With Happy Clients to Generate New Leads

One of the best ways to land new clients without cold calling is to have your previous clients recommend you.

You can encourage them to do it by reaching out to them after they’ve purchased or sold a home with your help to see how everything is going. Ask how they like their new home, what changes they’ve made to it, and if there’s anything you can do to assist them further.

This will show your clients how much you care and increase the chances of them recommending you to their friends or family.

Start Putting These Real Estate Marketing Tips to Good Use

Do you want to take your real estate business to the next level? Effective real estate marketing is the easiest way to do it.

Check out our blog for more information on improving your skills as a realtor.

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