How To Find The Best Real Estate Keywords

You have probably heard of search engine optimization (SEO). But did you ever think utilizing SEO strategies would benefit your real estate business?

When anyone needs a realtor or even a question about selling their home, they’re not looking you up in the yellow pages anymore. They will do a search for realtors and realtors in their area.

Because of this, skipping out on SEO could truly damage your exposure and marketing initiatives.

So where do you start? Searching keywords, of course. Here is a guide to finding the best real estate keywords for your next SEO and PPC marketing campaign.

Search Your Own Website

Google likes it when you use keywords that relate directly to your content. You want to use real estate keywords, not trying to cram in irrelevant popular search terms (Google actually penalizes websites that do this).

The best action is to search your website and find powerful terms you’re already using. Start with your name or your real estate DBA.

Then, increase to specific terms in your local area, the houses you have sold, and more specific terms describing who you are and what you do as a realtor. You can even search real estate-related keywords such as a mortgage.

You can also create content specifically on these keywords to drive search results even further. Or, you can include internal links to your website such as: click here.

Use Local SEO

Don’t think Google only appeals to national and major searches. Google definitely caters to local SEO and local keywords.

How many times have you searched for restaurants nearby? Or wanted to find the closest store? These tactics can easily be used for your real estate company.

Find words and phrases that appeal to your city and county. Then, combine them with terms such as ‘realtor’ or ‘real estate agent.’ You can simply do this by searching terms in Google yourself. Or, you can use a keyword search tool.

Use Keyword Search Tools

Maybe you searched general real estate terms and local terms on Google, but the results aren’t cutting it.

So what’s your next move? Use a keyword search tool.

These tools give you a more in-depth look on keywords, how much they’re searched, and other popular keywords that relate to the term you searched.

You’ll also find different results for different search engines, such as Bing and Yahoo!

You can have ideas about what clients are searching to find a real estate agent, but it helps to have the proof.

Conducting research on popular keywords helps to give you insight on what home buyers are looking for and how they can find your real estate company.

Time to Find Real Estate Keywords

The basic aspect of SEO is using powerful keywords. Whether your campaigns are organic and inorganic (non-paid search and paid search) all SEO boils down to using the best keywords.

The first step in your real estate SEO campaign is finding the best keywords to use for search results and content.

While this seems like a lot, you don’t have to be an SEO expert to search for keywords. There are many tips and resources available so you can handle your keyword search yourself.

If you want to extend your reach even further, our search engine caters to businesses and potential customers.

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