7 Tips to Help You Find the Best Cosmetic Surgeons Available

Making the decision to consult a cosmetic surgeon is already a big step. Worrying about who to get to perform the surgery is another worry you can just do without. Of course, you want to find the best cosmetic surgeon for your procedure, but where do you start?

With any medical procedure, there are some things you need to look for and things you want to avoid. You are making a decision that will make you feel better and look better, so you don’t want to trust that to just anyone.

We will try to help you break down what to look for when finding the best cosmetic surgeon for your procedure. With a few helpful tips, it will make it easier for you to begin your renewal journey.

1. Look at their Credentials

You will want to ask them a lot of questions, but asking about their professional credentials is very important. Here are a few to look into.

Board Certification

This is a big one and very important. It’s also important to know which board they are certified on. There are different ones. The American Board of Medical Specialties This board oversees the training, education and the certification for plastic surgeons.

Other Boards

These are boards that certify doctors in their specific fields, so you will be looking for certification for cosmetic surgery boards. You can check on your surgeon’s validation by simply calling or contacting the State Medical Board where you live.

Anyone with a laptop and a printer can make a diploma, so it is vital that you investigate your surgeon choices and do your homework before committing to them.


This can come under this category. Look at how many years they have been in business, their background, like where they trained, where they have worked, did they attend a college you recognize, and even their specialty.

2. Make A List

Get a list together of all the cosmetic surgeons from your area. Keeping in mind, the closest may be the most convenient but that is how you find a dry cleaner, not the best cosmetic surgeon.

Making a list will help you narrow down the surgeons you are interested in contacting. Look at cost, location, the credentials, and then get the list down to a few surgeons you wish to move forward with.

3. Ask Around

Ask around to your friends, your family or co-workers. Ask about surgeons they know or have heard of. Ask about who to contact and who to avoid. If certain names crop up several times, you can add or remove them from your list.

Depending on what procedure you are hoping to have done, you may try to seek out people who have bee through the same experience.

4. Get a Referral

You will likely be starting this journey with guidance from your medical care provider, so ask them for a referral. There is likely a clinic or cosmetic surgeon they have on their list, like Chau Plastic Surgery, who they know and trust.

You can ask for more than one, as there is no rule that you have to go to the one they know. It is up to you, after all.

5. Go Online

We hardly expect you to find your new doctor online, but it can help you choose a good plastic surgeon. You can find out a great deal of information there. Once you have your list, you can take your time to look at their websites and check out their reviews.

People love to give reviews about anything, so a plastic surgeon is bound to have a few. You should read these with an open mind, but if someone is unhappy with a procedure, it’s not like seeing a bad movie. It’s possibly the rest of your life.

You can also find sites that offer recommendations, directories for business and services and even provide a section for reviews and comments.

6. Best Cosmetic Surgeon for You

It may seem obvious, but depending on what you are having done, it can really matter. If the procedure is botox or a mole removal, then it doesn’t matter as much. But when you are having surgery, you want to find someone who is an expert in that area.

If you are having a facelift or a tummy tuck, you want to know that the surgeon you choose is not only experienced in that area but perhaps specializes in that, as well.

If it is reconstructive, maybe scar removal after an accident, or breast reconstructive after a mastectomy, well, frankly, you have been through enough. You want the best plastic surgeon to help you, and you don’t want to have to do it all over again.

7. Meet Them

Even the surgeon with the best credentials, the nicest office, and the most recommendations isn’t the best for you if you are not comfortable with them. That is a big part of building trust.

This is where you can ask them all the questions you have and they should be more than happy to oblige. It’s understandable that you will be nervous and a good cosmetic surgeon will recognize that and help you past it.

Ask to see their work as well. They should have a portfolio of their ‘before and after’ work that is proudly on display. Take a look through their work and see if you feel the results are what you are hoping for.

Look Better, Feel Better

The truth is, we all have something about ourselves we would like to change. A smaller nose, a bit of fat removal from our thighs, that scar on the forehead from the camping trip in 1987 that still bothers you.

Even the smallest change to our appearance can make a huge change in our outlook and self-esteem. Chances are, even if no one really notices the flaw, we do. That’s what matters.

Start your journey by checking a directory that lists the best cosmetic surgeons in your area and start your list. This is homework worth your time and worth doing well.

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