Should You Hire a Residential Tree Service or DIY?

For many of us, working on our home outdoors can be a relaxing and fulfilling way to spend a weekend afternoon. As long as you stay hydrated and practice caution time outside is a proven way to de-stress.

But while mowing your lawn or tending the garden can be fulfilling, many homeowners go too far. Rather than hiring a residential tree service they try and tackle the job on their own.

Unfortunately, this decision can be harmful to your health as well as to the value of your home.

Before you grab that ladder and chainsaw you may want to understand the benefits of hiring a professional.

Here’s why a residential tree service may be your best bet:

Best Overall Value

One interesting aspect of tree and landscaping work is that homeowners often don’t know what is at stake. They view the outside of their home as less integral to the overall value.

While they might opt to trim a beautiful tree on their own they would never handle their own specialty work indoors. But the outside of your home is just as valuable as the inside.

In fact, a $20,000 investment in landscaping could raise the value of your home as much as $200,000. Protecting your investment means depending on professionals with the right tools and expertise.

A Residential Tree Service Saves Time

Some people try and tackle a project like residential tree service because of the money they might save. They have their eye on a bigger flat screen TV or a stunning new dress.

But science says the decision to hire a professional is more likely to make you happy than purchasing a product.

The assumption that a material product will last longer, and therefore make us happier, is incorrect. Research shows that experiences are what increase our happiness.

Rather than scrimp and save for that next purchase it pays off more to hire a residential tree service. Trusting someone like the professionals at Apple Valley Tree Service will allow you more time to experience life.

The time you save will be more valuable to your happiness than a product could be.

Save Money

Unless you have the right tools and experience tree work can be costly. You have to make the initial investment to purchase specialty equipment and supplies.

In addition, if you aren’t an experienced tree service professional the tasks could take much longer than they need to.

Add in the possible liability to your home and property and there is a major risk factor. Imagine the horror of trying to fell a tree the wrong way only to smash through a wall in your home.

Depending on where you live, tree trimming and maintenance can also impact the protection of your home. An expert can make sure the trees are seasonally trimmed to dissuade wind storms and harsh weather damaging your property.

Adding up the expenses of tools, experience, liability, and time makes a tree service less expensive.

Helping Hands

Many residential tree service professionals won’t undertake tasks on their own. They depend on a team of experienced professionals to do the job.

Ladder safety, proper limb removal, hauling of tools, and disposal of debris, are all tasks that need 2 or more people.

Not only is it a bad idea for you to do tree maintenance on your own, you will likely need to enlist one or more other people to help you.

Multiplying this level of inexperience is a recipe for disaster. It’s possible you will do a shoddy job on your landscaping.

It’s also possible you and your ad hoc helpers could get injured.

Safety Concerns

When calculating the cost of power tools and ladders don’t forget to include safety equipment. Tree professionals often need protective goggles, gloves, and other PPE (personal protective equipment) to make it home safely at the end of their shift.

There is an expense to all of this safety equipment. And you definitely should not go without it.

In addition to the expertise these professionals have in tree trimming, they will also be trained in safety issues. Your employer likely takes great pains to make sure you are not hurt on the job.

Unless you have that level of safety training in outdoor work you can be risking injury or death. Considering the numerous risks of operating power tools alone is enough to make hiring a professional appealing.

Protect Your Investment

Tree service is not a one size fits all situation. No two trees are alike.

It is important to understand the needs of the species of tree you are dealing with and treat these trees according to best practices.

Beyond the expertise of maintenance, a professional tree service should be able to guide you in care. They can show you the best way to maintain your individual trees in the short- and long-term.

Trimming a tree too far back or not trimming it enough can be harmful. Protect your investment by hiring a pro.

Keep It Beautiful

Haven’t all of us had a bad haircut at some point in our lives? The difference between a bad haircut and a good one is only a few weeks though.

With trees, the damage can be lengthy and permanent. By using a professional you can rest assured the trees will be cared for beautifully.

Finding The Best Contractor

Once you understand the benefits it’s clear that hiring a residential tree service is the best overall value. But sometimes homeowners hesitate because of the hassle of finding the right service provider.

There are too many horror stories about landscaping services gone wrong. Unless you have the best consumer resources to make a decision the process of finding someone you can trust is very frustrating.

Search Tool Resources

FindABusinessThat can help. Whether you are looking for landscaping support or the best handyman in your area, our information will connect you with the perfect match.

There’s no reason to stress or to go it alone. Don’t risk the value of your home, or your safety, but performing your own tree service.

Use our search tool to find a tree service provider now.

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