How to Find a Responsible Handyman

Owning a home comes with lots of repairs and other household projects that not every homeowner is equipped to do on their own. That’s why many homeowners are always looking to find a handyman.

A handyman comes in–well–handy when large, or sometimes even small projects require a particular skill or trade. This can be anything from carpentry to electrical with projects lined up all year long or every now and again.

But, how does one find a handyman?

Here’s a look at what to do when something at home needs to be fixed!

Do Your Research

Looking at, you will notice the time and effort it takes to replace parts on a ceiling fan. This is only one example of the type of research that one should be doing to find a handyman.

An individual should look up the resources, cost, and instructions on a particular handyman job to be completed before deciding which type of handyman service one requires. In this case, the repair is for a ceiling fan.

Good research includes references or referrals from online sources, friends, and family or community bulletin boards.

Research is so important because one handyman may have more specific experience pertaining to a problem than another. The homeowner should be aware of the skills a handyman possesses before making a decision.


Interviews are a great way to get to know a handyman and learn about his or her experience.

Homeowners should take the time to ask questions pertaining to the project in question to get a feel for the handyman’s knowledge. Asking questions about previous or existing projects that the handyman is accustomed to and the length of time taken to complete them will provide a better sense of the handyman’s skillsets and time constraints.

Of course, cost is a pertinent issue so be sure to discuss concerns related to the matter of labor and materials. This way, the handyman can be better prepared for the project in knowing his or her limitations ahead of time.

Compare Estimates

After a few interviews with one or more prospects, it’s time to compare estimates.

This comparison should be weighted with the handyman in mind. One should always consider his or her skills and knowledge, first.

A person should also consider how comfortable they are with the handyman in question. If he or she made remarks in distaste or perhaps exhibited unflattering characteristics, maybe he or she isn’t the right person for the job based on professionalism alone.

Quotes should also match with research that was conducted before contacting the handyman. If there are mismatched price marks for parts, it could be a sign of inflation.

Find a Handyman

Finally, it’s time to find a handyman that can get the job done right without a lot of cost or hassle. After reviewing estimates and research, make the call to schedule the necessary service.

It’s important to be considerate of the handyman and his or her time. One should make a sincere effort to stick to a schedule that works for both parties to allow enough time for the project to be completed accurately. And allow the handyman to work without distraction to save time and money overall.

Just make sure to complete thorough research, conduct your interviews and review estimates before making a selection. You’ll be glad you did.

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