How to Keep Your Home Secure Over the Holidays

Did you know that burglaries tend to peak around Christmas time, with 18 percent more incidents happening than the rest of the year?

There’s nothing quite like getting robbed to ruin the cheery holiday spirit. Not to mention that it can put your life in danger and cost you a fortune.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to keep your home secure and reduce the chance of being a prime target.

Let’s get into the top safety tips:

Hide Your Gifts

What’s the typical, picturesque holiday scene? A gorgeous, decorated Christmas tree atop beautifully wrapped presents, right?

As it turns out, that’s also a picturesque danger scene, as it provides immediate eye candy for criminals. With gifts literally out in plain sight, you’re setting yourself up to be an easy target for theft.

Keep your gifts and home secure by moving them to a hidden area. Stand outside your windows to make sure that they aren’t visible.

Practice Caution with Your Trash

Even though it may seem ridiculous, many criminals check through garbage cans and bins to check out your packaging.

If you are buying and receiving big-ticket items over the holidays, you may not think twice about throwing out the packaging for a new laptop box or the box of a diamond ring.

Criminals, however, will check, and if it’s right on your curb, it’s giving them instant access.

Think twice about throwing it away near you. Dump it off in a communal area and shred any relevant documents.

Keep Your Home Lit

Criminals are far more likely to break into a dark, shadowed home than one that is well-lit.

When visibility is down, crime goes up.

Do yourself a favor and ensure that your home secure by keeping one of your interior lights on. Go the extra mile by placing motion-activated lighting around your home exterior.

If you are decorating around the home with lighting, use a timer to turn them on and off throughout the night.

Stay Safe on Social Media

Next time you’re tempted to show off your new flat-screen TV or shiny handbag on social media, check yourself.

Potential criminals like to browse through social media for inspiration. This is especially true on the holidays when people carelessly post all the exciting gifts they receive. However, this helps burglars determine what lurks inside your home.

Even if you assume all your friends on Facebook have your best interests in mind, it doesn’t mean they do.

Another note: with so many people flying and traveling over the holidays, posting your exciting whereabouts may seem tempting. After all, who doesn’t want to show off their #wanderlust goals on social media?

Again, this is another green light for criminals to put 2 +2 together and realize that your home is likely empty. That’s a prime time for a crime scene, isn’t it?

Put a Home Security System on Your Gift List

Are you a homeowner without a security system? Or, are you a homeowner with a lousy, outdated system? If so, this is something you need to fix immediately.

Buy a security system yourself or put on your wish list ASAP. This can dramatically lower the risk of getting robbed.

Modern security systems are far more than just loud alarms or painfully obvious keypads.

Many of them provide nanny cameras, hidden WiFI spy cameras, and remote 24/7 coverage. Check this website for more on these amazing features.

Here’s the thing: criminals don’t want to deal with complicated alarm systems. If there’s any chance they can get caught easily, they’re going to balk.

As a result, professional home security systems are one of the best deterrents you can have to keep your home secure and your loved ones safe.

Whether you don’t have anything in place or you’re using an outdated model, invest in advanced home security methods. It’s way more affordable than paying for damage later on.

Practice Caution with Donation Seekers

During the holiday season, many carolers and donation seekers visit homes asking for money.

While there are many needy causes, there are also many scams floating around. Be cautious of door-to-door “donation seekers” trying to scam you out your money.

Always proceed with caution. Avoid giving out personal information (no phone numbers, no credit card information). Check to see if they have reputable credentials or business information with them.

In general, if you do decide to donate, use small bills for charity. Better yet, go online, locate the charity yourself, and send an appropriate donation.

Make Sure the Windows Are Shut

If you’re like most homeowners, you like decorating your house for the holidays. It’s exciting to get caught up in all the festivities and lights, and that’s perfectly fine!

However, if you’re plugging in lights, make sure that you aren’t running wires through a door or window leading to the inside.

By doing that, you create an obvious wedge (with the window or door slightly ajar). You may see this as a tiny nuisance. A burglar, on the other hand, will see this as the prime opportunity for breaking in.

When in doubt, don’t put up decorations that require any lines running through your home. It’s for you and your family’s safety!

Final Thoughts on Keeping Your Home Secure this Holiday Season

No doubt, you want to enjoy the holidays with your loved ones. Relaxing and sharing quality time with your family is something everybody should be able to cherish.

Give yourself the peace of mind by taking the necessary steps to keep your home secure. You’ll not only protect your valuables- but you’ll also protect the people you love the most.

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