How to Achieve Your Highest Quality Website Design Yet

A quality website design is a must-have for successful online marketing.

These days, online marketing rules digital commerce. If your online marketing strategy isn’t up to snuff, your customers will go elsewhere.

That’s if they can find you to begin with.

Think of your website as the online version of your company’s store. You wouldn’t want customers walking in to see a messy, disheveled junk shop. Such disorganization reflects poorly on your company and brand.

The same concept applies to your website’s design. Poor website design suggests poor business practices. It also indicates a potential scam.

You want to use your website to give potential leads a good impression of your company. As such, you need to include quality website design elements on your site.

How To Achieve A Quality Website Design

Quality website design isn’t limited to one or two must-have elements. All elements on the site should come together to make for a pleasant, effective browsing experience.

Unpleasant, ineffective browsing experiences drive away traffic and potential leads.

Achieving a high-quality site design sounds like a job for website design services. And depending on the size of your project, it may well be.

However, a lot of website design you can do yourself.

Let’s take a look at how you can ensure your website design is high-quality.

Manual Coding

Many web hosting sites offer their clients website templates.

While these templates are nice enough, many are bland and lack customization capabilities. Since they’re templates, other companies can use them. Your website and another company’s website may end up looking identical.

That’s where manual coding comes into play.

Manual coding capabilities allow you to customize your website template however you want it to look. You can insert elements, move them, or delete them altogether. You can your site look exactly the way you want it to.

That’s key when it comes to ensuring your website is on-brand.

Efficient Navigation

You could have the highest quality website design in the world. Potential leads will leave your site if they can’t navigate it.

Navigation should be simple and intuitive. Most websites feature their navigation bar at the top or on the sides. Those that feature it at the bottom make the bar static for easy reference.

Sometimes a drop-down menu appears with further navigation options. These menus should stay open as long as the mouse is on the option or drop-down menu. Drop-down menus that constantly flicker off make for obnoxious browsing.

SEO Capabilities

Search engine optimization (SEO) is another very important element in quality website design.

SEO entails the inclusions of website elements that influence search engine rankings. Such elements include keyword usages, links, and calls to actions. The higher a site ranks, the more traffic it will garner.

Nearly every part of a website can be optimized. From titles to headers to images to meta descriptions, you can’t leave any element untouched when it comes to effective SEO.

For that reason, you should make sure that your web host supports SEO.

SEO sometimes entails using manual coding. For example, adding alternative text to images requires manual coding. Alternative text is a major SEO opportunity that should not be missed.

For more about SEO, check out The Web Ally SEO content packages and services.

High-Quality Content

SEO brings traffic to your website. High-quality content keeps that traffic coming back.

When it comes to quality website design, the importance of high-quality content cannot be understated.

Great content isn’t just an SEO opportunity that fills your website. It establishes you as a reliable source for news and information about your industry.

When you post high-quality content, you show off your industry chops. Traffic will look to you as an authority figure — a platform that can be trusted.

Trusted websites are the ones that convert leads.

High-Quality Images

Nothing says, “I didn’t try,” like using low-quality stock photos.

Traffic can smell low-quality stock photos from a mile off. They’re images that don’t fit your website. They’re blurry and include low-quality editing.

The use of low-quality photos raises questions about your company.

The main question is whether or not you’re a legitimate business. Traffic steers away from any site that even gives off the air of being illegitimate.

Invest in high-quality stock photos. They increase your site’s attractiveness, and they speak to your dedication to quality.

Legible Font Sizes and Faces

Monotype Corsiva and Freestyle Script are both fancy-looking texts. Unfortunately, they don’t look very fancy on any website, especially when their text is small.

“Fancy” font faces don’t just look elementary and immature. They’re hard to read.

Your website is competing with thousands of other websites. Potential leads aren’t going to force themselves to read illegible text on your website. They will simply go to a competitor’s website.

For that reason, you should go with simple, tried and true font faces. Ariel, Verdana, and Times New Roman are all guaranteed to keep traffic reading.

The same principle applies to font size.

Sure, traffic can click the “Zoom In” feature and make the text bigger. But again, why would readers do that when they can go to a different site?

Quality website design ensures the average reader is comfortable while navigating and consuming content. For that reason, you should make sure your font sizes and faces are legible at first glance.

Complementary Colors

An attractive color scheme is another must for every professional website.

Most color schemes are limited to two complementary color schemes.

If you use any more than two colors, you risk making your website look gaudy and unprofessional.

What’s more, multiple colors — especially colors that clash — are distracting to visitors. When visitors’ eyes are drawn to a website’s colors, visitors often have a hard time navigating the site.

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