What to Look for in a Great Virtual Learning Center

One of the fundamental pieces of wisdom we all find out as adults is that people aren’t from cookie-cutters. Maturity lets us discover and appreciate our own uniqueness and that of others. So why do schools treat kids and teens like they’re on assembly lines?

Virtual learning is a great alternative when traditional schooling doesn’t fit a student. This may be because of illness, family issues, behavioral problems, and more. But the problem remains – how do you find the right fit for your child?

There are plenty of underperforming virtual schools too. How do you find one that is high-quality?

Here are a few things to look for as you search for virtual learning centers.

Options Tailored to Your Child

Like private schools, some virtual learning centers have specialties. Some are designed for students who specialized in the arts or STEM. Others are meant for at-risk teens who want to earn their online high school diploma.

Look for a virtual learning center that is made to fit your child. Or, find a learning center with enough flexibility that you can make it fit.

Instructor Availability

The obvious downside of virtual learning is not having a teacher present. Some virtual schools are better about this than others. Find one with responsive instructors that you can contact whenever you need them.

Your Choice of Hybrid or Entirely Virtual Learning

Some online schools are conducted entirely on the web. Others have brick-and-mortar classrooms for the occasional special session. Think about your child’s needs and which choice suits him/her better.

If your child is transitioning from public school to a virtual learning center (or vice versa), a hybrid could be a helpful middle ground.


In a perfect world, every parent could spend as much as they need on education. The reality is that you need a bill you can handle without going into student loan debt.

Some public school systems offer free online options for students to get their diploma. If you need or choose to use a paid school, find out the payment details and financing options.

Social Opportunities

It’s easy for students of virtual schools to get out of practice interacting with their peers. You can address this with independent extracurriculars and local clubs. Or, some virtual schools meet this need as well.

Social interaction is a reason some families choose hybrid virtual schools. Some online schools also have clubs, teams, and field trip opportunities.

Meeting Legal Requirements for a Virtual Learning Center

Make sure your virtual school meets any legal requirements necessary. The last thing you want is for your teen to put in the work and then find out their degree won’t be recognized.

Each state has their own requirements, so do research and ask specific questions at each school.

Time to Get Started

The tips above are a great start in your research phase. Take your time to create a checklist of everything you want in a virtual school. Then just start your search and fill out a checklist for each as you go.

Our local business search tool is the perfect way to get started. Happy learning!

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