DIY for Dummies: How to Build Your Own Barn Doors

Are you dreaming up a pair of stunning barn doors?

You may be putting the finishing touches on that new barn on your property. Or you may be going rustic chic with your home remodeling plan.

Perhaps you’re pondering a spruce-up for your existing barn or garage.

Whatever you’re thinking, it is definitely possible to build your own sturdy barn doors.

Read on to learn more about how you can build a pair of barn doors that will last you a lifetime, no matter what their purpose.

1. Take Your Measurements

Before you head over to the hardware store, it’s important to spend as much time as possible planning how to build your sturdy barn doors.

Begin by inspecting the space you’d like to install the barn doors. This may be a decorative area in your home or an actual barn front.

Check to see if a frame already exists for the door. If you are installing a decorative door, you may not already have posts in place. In this case, decide if a doorframe is necessary or some other support, such as a rod.

If a frame exists, measure its depth, height, and width. Use graph paper to sketch out these scaled measurements and start drafting a visual for the barn doors you want to build.

At this point in the game, it’s important to have done your research based off of what you want your barn doors to look like.

Decide if you want slatted barn doors, for example, or solid panel doors. Also, choose whether or not you want one door or a pair. We recommend browsing Pinterest for barn door ideas.

Once you’ve taken your measurements, decide how much material will be needed for each door. If you want to build a pair of doors, remember that you’ll need to split the frame width in two for these, and also leave room for hinge maneuverability.

Also, don’t forget material for bracing and other decorative add-ons.

If you don’t feel comfortable drafting your own barn door plans, consider reaching out to a contractor or local architect. The internet is also a great place to explore for barn door plans!

2. Choose The Right Materials

The secret to sturdy barn doors lies in the material itself. Don’t just head to Home Depot and load your cart with the cheapest pine you can find.

Choose a material that is durable, easy to weatherproof, and likely to last. Cedar is always a good bet for solid wood, as well as teak, redwood, and oak. These may be more expensive, but they will last you a lot longer than pine or even plywood.

Besides the wood itself, you’ll also need hardware for securing it together. This may include hinges, screws, nails, primer, sandpaper, paint, handles, and other door hardware–all depending on the style and purpose of your barn doors.

When choosing this hardware, avoid anything made of plastic or other pliable material. Look for sturdy metal pieces, such as brass or steel.

You’ll also need tools for assembly, including a drill, saw, hammer, ladder, paintbrush, and drill bits.

Always purchase more material and hardware than you may actually need so that you can have extra on hand.

3. Assemble With Care

This is the most important step in building sturdy barn doors. Take your time with the assembly so that everything lines up correctly.

If you’re creating a slatted door, make sure your wood panels are aligned in a straight fashion. Don’t insert any binding agent–such as a nail or a screw–until you are confident with the set-up.

Remember that nothing is ever permanent. You can always take out a screw or cut a board shorter.

At key stages of the construction process, always test the width and height of your door against the frame.

4. Incorporate Bracing

A great way to guarantee sturdy barn doors is to brace them. This can involve a diagonal piece of wood on the back or front of your doors.

Some people even opt for steel or other metal bracing. The key is to install bracing in places of vulnerability, particularly corners and mid-sections.

Consider installing bracing using a biscuit joiner for the sturdiest result.

5. Fill Holes and Paint

This step will depend upon the style of barn doors you’ve chosen. If you’ve created a slatted door, you’ll want to ensure that no light or air creeps through the cracks between the slats.

Fill cracks, holes, and other unwanted openings with all-weather caulk or sealant. Make sure this dries before sanding all of the wooden boards, applying primer, and painting as desired.

Once all the paint has dried, install door handles and other decorative pieces.

6. Install Your Sturdy Barn Doors

Last but not least, it’s time to put those beautiful sturdy barn doors up! If you’ve purchased door hardware such as hinges, make sure you install these first. Always ensure the hardware is secure and all screws tightened before using your doors.

You may want to seek professional assistance once you get to the installation phase. A professional will ensure that your doors are installed safely and securely.

Feeling wary about taking on this whole project yourself? Learn more about professional assistance with barn building and beyond.

Building Your Own Sturdy Barn Doors

It’s definitely possible to take on a lot of home construction projects yourself, especially if you’re interested in extending the lifespan of your buildings. When it comes to building barn doors, it’s fairly easy and cost-effective to create a set that will stand the test of time.

Begin by taking careful measurements and choosing the right materials. Opt for high-quality and durable materials and fasteners, rather than choosing cheap and convenient ones. Assemble your doors with care and ensure durability by including bracing.

At the end of the day, it’s important to do your research when building barn doors and to take your time. Make sure you are confident in any step and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Looking for professional assistance with your barn door building and installation? Find a Business That can help point you in the right direction.

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