5 Shopping Budget Hacks to Help You Save

The average US household spends almost $43,000 a year on essentials such as housing and healthcare. For most people, that doesn’t leave a lot of spare cash for non-essentials such as clothing and entertainment. And, since 40 percent of Americans would struggle to cover an unexpected expense of $400, we’re betting that most people wouldn’t even be able to dip into their savings for these kinds of purchases. 

Setting a shopping budget can offer a simple solution to these problems. And, if you’re smart about your personal spending you might even be able to afford more while improving savings. 

Want to know how to stick to a personal budget? Keep reading to learn how to spend smarter! 

1. Pay Cash

These days, only 41 percent of Americans carry cash on them, with many dismissing cash as inconvenient. But if saving money is your goal, the real problem is that paying by card is too convenient. 

Swiping your card doesn’t give you the same emotional response as handing over cash creates. Pay with cash and you’ll become more aware of how much you’re spending. What’s more, you can’t spend what you don’t have! 

2. Shop Seasonally

One of the best tips for saving money on your groceries is to shop produce when it’s in season. Not only will the fruit and veg you buy cost less, but it’ll also taste better and is more likely to be from a local source. 

That said, it’s often cheaper to shop for clothes and accessories out of season. No one wants bikinis in December and coats in July so retailers will often slash the price of these items to clear out old stock. This is your perfect opportunity to grab a bargain, although only buy items you’re sure about such as basics and similar fits and styles to your current favorites. 

3. Use Technology to Your Advantage

While we’d agree that it’s all too easy to spend money online without realizing, there are plenty of ways to use technology for cutting your budget too. 

Make sure to download apps and sign up to newsletters from all your favorite retailers to receive vouchers and discounts you can use both online and in-store. And, if you never want to pay retail prices again, make sure to check out this site

4. Stock Up on Special Offers 

A great way to start improving savings on your grocery shop is to bulk buy non-perishable items whenever they’re on special offer. Toilet paper, cleaning products, and toiletries can be expensive so always take advantage of coupons or specials. The same goes for canned goods and frozen foods, which are good to eat for several years. 

5. Cook in Batches

Cooking in bulk and freezing batches is one of the top hacks for cutting your budget. Not only does it mean you’re more likely to use up fresh food rather than letting it go to waste, you’ll be less tempted to get takeout if you’ve got a selection of delicious homemade meals ready and waiting in your freezer. 

Shopping Budget Hacks

With these shopping budget hacks to inspire you, it could be time to look at ways to reduce other monthly expenses, such as utilities, insurance premiums, and subscriptions. 

After all, whether you’re paying over the odds for car insurance or shoes, any unnecessary spending means less chance of saving money. 

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