Keeping the Financial Affairs Functioning: Learn to Be a Virtual Bookkeeper Today

If you’re looking for a great remote job that can also benefit individuals and businesses, you’ve got to become a virtual bookkeeper. 

This job will let you help others manage their financial affairs. You can help people track their financial progress, prepare for tax obligations, and save for the future. You can help businesses plan their financial strategy for future projects.

But how do you become a virtual bookkeeper? How do you find great virtual bookkeeping jobs?

This quick guide will show you how. Let’s start with learning the right skills:

1. Virtual Bookkeeping Skills

You want to make sure you learn as many virtual bookkeeping skills as possible. You’ll have to compete with other virtual bookkeepers. As such, you can stay ahead of the competition if you have more skills.

You have to first learn about different software programs. You should master spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. You would use these to prepare a record of accounts. You should also try to master software programs such as QuickBooks for more advanced bookkeeping.

Make sure you also research the tax code as much as possible. With this knowledge, you can help your clients prepare their tax returns.

You want to know how to create visuals from financial data. For example, you should learn how to create a pie chart that shows where a company’s expenses come from. You can also create a line graph to track the profits/losses history for your clients.

We suggest you find out more about how to learn bookkeeping skills online.

2. Create a Landing Page

You should now find out how to market yourself online. You should start by creating a landing page where you advertise your bookkeeping services. On this page, you will state the specific services you offer. You should let your visitors know whether you serve individuals, businesses, or both.

Make sure that your pricing is also displayed on the landing page. You should include links to your LinkedIn and professional social media accounts. There should also be links to email, call, and chat with you about your bookkeeping services.

3. Promote Yourself

Now you can start promoting your virtual bookkeeping services. Start by using LinkedIn to reach out to professionals and small businesses. Send them a short pitch about your virtual bookkeeping services and share the link to your landing page.

You can also print out business cards. Make sure you hand them out at every networking event and professional event you attend. You can also leave stacks of your business cards at your local small businesses. 

Once you start acquiring clients, make sure to ask them to refer more clients. You can offer incentives such as discounts if they bring in more clients.

Become A Virtual Bookkeeper Today

Now you know how to start your new career as a virtual bookkeeper. This is a great business to start and one that can bring in a lucrative income. It has a low barrier to entry and you won’t have many challenges in finding clients.

Focus on mastering the skills before you start promoting yourself. Research the competition so that you can stay ahead of the game.

Make sure to share this guide with other aspiring entrepreneurs. You can find more great business content on our website.