5 Warning Signs That Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

What’s the most important, but often neglected, system in your home? Your ductwork.

Your home is full of ducts that carry air from your HVAC system and throughout your home. But because most of this system is hidden behind walls, it’s easy to forget about it.

Yet, there comes a time when it is absolutely necessary to have your air ducts cleaned professionally. Here are 5 warning signs that you need to hire a duct cleaning service. 

1. Household Members Experience Health Issues

One of the most serious warning signs that you need air duct cleaning is if people in the home begin to experience health problems.

Common health issues related to dirty air ducts include asthma, respiratory or sinus infections, allergies, dry or itchy skin, and more.

The longer a person is exposed to airborne contaminants and toxins, the more likely they are to have adverse health reactions.

If there are signs of mold in the home, that will aggravate the issues. 

2. Signs of Rodents or Insects 

Critters are always looking for a warm, safe place to make a nest. Your air ducts seem like the perfect place for mice, squirrels, and insects.

Unfortunately, when bugs and rodents get into your ductwork, it’s bad news for you.

Droppings, nests from gathered organic material, and so on can send fecal spores and other germs through your ducts. This will contaminate the air you breathe.

Also, these pests can chew or carve out paths into other parts of your home. That can lead to an infestation in the walls of your home. 

Plus, they can cause all kinds of structural damage to your ducts. 

3. Climbing Energy Bill

The third warning sign is if you notice that your energy bill keeps going up. 

Usually, your energy usage stays the same from year to year. So if you get a bill that is higher than usual, do some research.

It’s wise to compare your bill to the previous year for that same month. If there’s a big discrepancy and you haven’t changed your home habits, then dirty air ducts and vents may be the cause. 

You might be surprised to learn that when ductwork becomes dirty, air can’t flow around properly. As a result, your furnace and AC have to work even harder to maintain the set temperature on your thermostat. 

In turn, you get hit with a higher utility bill. 

4. Low Air Flow

Do you notice that some of the rooms in your house don’t get the same airflow as others? 

Check to see if all your vents are open. If they are, then dirty air ducts could be the problem. 

5. A Dusty Home

Is your home dusty, even though you clean it often? Excessive dust can be a result of a recent renovation or construction surrounding your home.

But if neither case is true for you, chances are that you need an air duct cleaning service.

You can pinpoint this as the issue by removing the air supply and return vents around your house. If you see the metal ducts covered in dust, it’s time for air duct cleaning.

Clean Air Ducts Make a Huge Difference 

Now you know the top warning signs that you need to clean your air ducts. Get into the habit of regular duct cleaning and you will be amazed at the difference in your home.

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