5 Tips on Successful Mobile SEO for Roofing Contractors

Roofing contractors, more than many other professionals, will truly benefit from learning search engine optimization (SEO). This is a marketing strategy that helps you take in local customers who need the services that you offer. 

To take it a step further, you can leverage these marketing strategies by optimizing for mobile devices. So what should you know about mobile search engine optimization?

Read on to learn some successful mobile SEO strategies that can elevate your roofing company. 

1. Have an Easy to Use Contact Form

Everything matters when it comes to your mobile SEO efforts — even your contact form. 

Having your contact info listed and up to date will let Google put people in touch with you with ease. Create a “contact us” form so customers that have questions to ask can reach you with no problem. 

2. Build a Mobile-Friendly Website

Focus on mobile-optimization tips when you’re trying to grow your SEO presence. By building your site with mobile in mind upfront, you won’t have to retroactively make it mobile-friendly. 

Strip down the template design so that it’s more functional than flashy. Make the most important information the most visible, and test out the site to make sure it’s easy to use. 

3. Put Out Several Roofing-Related Blog Posts

Spend enough time with anybody these days, and you’ll notice them grab their phone and start thumbing through it whenever they’re not otherwise occupied. People are always recreationally browsing content, so make sure you work your content strategies by publishing regularly to your blog. 

The blog should first and foremost be entertaining and informative. You should also choose a template that is easy for people to scroll, comment, and share on a mobile device. 

4. Focus on Speed and Function

Speed is everything when it comes to websites. People have options, so don’t burden them with a site that is a slog to navigate. 

Test it for speed on a regular basis, and work with web developers that can work out the kinks. 

Aside from the website speed, make sure that it’s also functional. People should have no problem locating the most important bits of information and taking the appropriate actions. 

5. Create an App for Your Business

If you really want to engage people on mobile devices you have to have an app. Having an app as a roofer can be helpful since you can book appointments and give estimates directly. 

You can also send people roof maintenance tips via alerts so that you remain engaged with your customers on a regular basis. 

Build Successful Mobile SEO Strategies

When you have successful mobile SEO strategies, your roofing company will always have a shot at growing and taking on new customers. 

Engaging your customers with these strategies will help you not only get more traffic but also more sales conversions. Consider working with a professional that can help you set goals and get results. 

We can help you out whenever you’d like to learn more. Check back to learn more about business, real estate, advertising, and so much more.