Selecting the Best Website Maintenance Service for Your Company

Almost 40% of the visitors to your website will leave if the design is unattractive. Another 39% will leave if your site takes too long to load.

If you’re not keeping up-to-date with your website, you’re possibly losing customers.

You also need to post fresh content and remain relevant by using the latest design and development trends. Otherwise, an old, outdated website could make your brand look irrelevant, too.

Are you looking for the best website maintenance service around? Keep reading for five tips that can help you find a web maintenance company. With these tips, you can choose the right pros for the job!

Start your research with these tips today. 

1. Determine Their Experience

First, ask the web design and maintenance company about their experience. How long have they operated? Have they always offered website maintenance services or is it a new service they’re offering?

Determine who will end up working on your website, too. What are their credentials? Do they have the experience and expertise necessary to work on your website?

You want to choose a knowledgeable professional who knows how to maintain a website. Otherwise, they might do more harm than good.

Are they familiar with your theme and web platform, too? If you’re using WordPress, look for someone with experience working on WordPress websites.

If your entire website is custom-built, make sure the person you choose has the knowledge to handle your customizations. Otherwise, they might break your site. 

2. Review Their Portfolio

You can learn more about a maintenance service and the company’s abilities by looking at their portfolio. Do their previous projects meet your expectations? Do they work to the quality you’re expecting?

If not, keep searching.

You can also ask to speak with references. Speaking with the maintenance company’s previous clients will help you learn more about their abilities. You can ask questions to get an unbiased view of the company’s skills from someone who has worked with them before.

3. Read the Contract

Before you hire a maintenance service, make sure to review their contract in full. If you have any questions about what’s listed in the contract, let them know right away.

Are you allowed edits? Are edits included or an additional cost? Ask before you sign.

4. Know What’s Included

Some companies offer an ala carte option, allowing you to choose the services you need. With over 50% of all internet traffic occurring on mobile devices, it’s important to look for someone who can optimize your site. Do they offer mobile optimization, content writing, and search engine optimization?

Ask what’s included in the contract and if they offer additional services before hiring a company for maintenance work. 

5. Consider the Price

Try to get estimates from more than one web design and maintenance company. That way, you have a chance to compare their prices and services. 

Make sure the price fits your budget.

Stay Up-To-Date: 5 Tips for Selecting the Best Website Maintenance Service

Stay up-to-date instead of letting your site lag behind. With these five tips, you can choose the best website maintenance service around. Start your search using these tips today!

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