My Washing Machine Smells! How to Find the Perfect Plumber

Did you know that the modern washing machine that we know today was created in 1908? Is your washing machine having problems, and you’re not sure what to do? Do you notice weird washing machine smells?

Your washing machine smelling can be a serious issue. In this article, explore the top tips for finding a plumbing service. Read on to find out how to pick a high-quality plumber, and get your washing machine smelling like new!

Find a Plumber for Your Needs

Before contacting plumbers, keep in mind that each will have their own specialty. You’ll want to find one who specializes in your specific project. If you decide to go with journeymen or master plumbers, they have the most experience compared to other plumbers.

Use Your Network

Ask your family and friends if they know of any good plumbers. Keep in mind that a good plumber will be subjective, so make sure that they meet your criteria. 

Check Online

When researching different certified plumbers nearby, it’s a good idea to check out their website. On their website do they have reviews? How about when you search the internet for their information? 

If you find a negative review, don’t write them off, instead, ask them about that negative review. If they have many bad reviews, that’s a red flag. 

It’s a Numbers Game

You want to get at least 3 plumbers to take a closer look at. See if they have their overall grade listed on their website. You’ll also want to reach out to them regarding estimates. 


A high-quality plumber will have the proper licensing and insurance. Ask the plumbers what insurance and licensing they currently have. Insurance is important because if they get injured on the job, you’ll want to know that they’re covered while they’re on your property. 

A Guarantee on Parts

Find out if the plumbers have a guarantee to back up their work. A good plumber will back up their work for up to a year, and you’ll be covered under the warranty. 


Along with online reviews, you can reach out to different plumbers, and ask them if they have references you can contact. It’s a good sign if they have previous customers you can call and ask about their experience. 

Customer Service

When you call up different plumbing companies how are they on the phone? Do they offer you information on the different projects they’re recommending? 

You want someone who will answer the questions you might have and put technical information in a clear to understand way. It’s also a good idea to find out if these plumbers have had background checks done. 

Professional Organizations

Do they belong to any professional organizations? You want someone who is involved in their local community. You can ask about the Better Business Bureau, the National Association of Home Builders, and other organizations.

It’s also a good idea to do your own research regarding these organizations. Head to the Better Business Bureau, and search for their business. See if there are any complaints against the company, and what their overall score is. 

Research Costs

Plumbers can charge a varying range, some might charge low, and others might charge high. While you might be tempted to go with the lowest offer, you’ll want someone who is qualified to do the job correctly. 

When you receive a quote, ask them about any other hidden fees. Make sure that the quote includes labor and costs for materials.

Communication Is Key

When you find a plumber, ensure that they’ll have communication with you before, during, and after the project. Do they keep you in the loop, and let you know what they’ll be doing?

If extra services will be needed, do they communicate this with you, and let you know the price? Remember that a high-quality plumber will never leave you in the dark about your needs. 

Questions to Ask

Different questions you can ask can include whether the work they’ll be doing requires a permit. You can also ask them how much the total project will cost, and how long it’ll take. 

Ask them if their specialization is in installations or services. Also, see if they have experience with the project that you need. 

Don’t ever settle with a plumber. If you don’t find a high-quality plumber in your first go-around, try again and reach out to others. 

DIY vs Hiring a Professional

You might be tempted to do-it-yourself depending on the project. If it’s a less serious project and you feel comfortable, you can attempt it on your own. 

Keep in mind that doing it yourself can lead to bigger problems if it’s not done correctly. Hiring a pro might save you more money in the long-run. When you do it yourself, you’ll have to potentially buy different tools from your local hardware shop just for the job. 

You want to hire a professional who has the proper insurance and warranty so you’ll know that you’ll be getting the job done right. Remember that when you do the job yourself you won’t have that guarantee. Also, if you’re going about it on your own, it might be a more serious issue than you realized.

Finding a Plumber for Washing Machine Smells

Now that you’ve explored how to find a plumber for washing machine smells, you should be well on your way to finding a high-quality professional. Want to read more about different businesses and picking a high-quality professional? For everything from hiring an SEO professional, to understanding the different types of mulch out there, check out our other articles today!