Say By To DIY: Why You Should Hire A SEO Professional Instead

Your company needs to be visible online if you want to survive. If you’re not showing up on page one of Google, guess what? You’re nonexistent in the eyes of would-be customers.

What you need is SEO. Professional SEO!

DIY or die, right? WRONG. SEO is hard; here are the reasons why you should hire an SEO professional to take your business to the next level.

The Importance of SEO

Why is SEO so important?

Consider this. Studies show that 95% of all search traffic occurs on the first two pages of Google, 92% on page one alone. 

So, if you’re not on the first page, you’re missing out on the vast majority of traffic. In the age of remote everything, a page 3 appearance on Google is the equivalent of a death knell for your awesome company!

Also realize that, according to the same study, 33% of all internet traffic occurs from position number one of a Google search. 

So, when it comes to search ranking, the consequences and rewards are extreme; get hung out to dry or feast on the lion’s share of traffic.

Hire an SEO Professional

As you might imagine, competition is fierce. Not only are there businesses just like yours hiring SEO professionals, but the Google algorithms are continually evolving to scrutinize websites for quality and useability.

Throughout the past two decades, Google search algorithm updates have expanded to accommodate how people are searching at any given time. From local to mobile to voice search, if your website isn’t with it, Google will punish you in the form of a downgraded search showing.

And it’s not just how people use words to search, Google includes the entire user experience, including page hierarchy and design.

The professional SEO services at William Lawrence will make sure that your website design stays optimized for the ideal user experience. Rest assured that good user experience design will impart SEO juice to your website.

Technical SEO and Backlinks

While you may be able to do your own keyword search and generate your own content, there are technical details that you should leave to a professional SEO agency. 

Optimizing your metadata, like your tags and URLs, while possible, can be extremely time-consuming for the tech noobies or the initiated.

Your website’s overall organization and how the pages link up with each other can prove more complicated than you realize. SEO services can save you from this headache.

Generating backlinks from reputable outside sources is one of the most important Google ranking factors, and it is a beast of a time suck. SEO consulting services can take the time to generate the highest quality, relevant backlink profile, so you don’t waste precious time or make any costly mistakes.

Don’t Risk a DIY Disaster

Aside from taking up valuable time, DIY SEO can be risky. You could potentially mess up your metadata or URLs or potentially link to inappropriate websites.

Don’t risk your business’s search ranking. Hire an SEO professional to do this heavy lifting for you.

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