What to Look for in Hotel Furnishings

If you want to open up your very own hotel, you won’t want to forget about this crucial part: the hotel furnishings!

People remember the furniture from their vacations well. It has a big effect on whether or not they return.

Here are the four things you need to look out for as you begin to furnish your new place.

1. Style

The first question every hotel owner should ask is what is the desired look and feel of the hotel? Then, choose furniture that matches that look in both style and color.

Did you know that color affects our perception of objects and areas? In fact, within 90 seconds of seeing an object, our brains form a subjective perception of the object due to its color.

Before you begin purchasing your hotel furnishings think about the tone that you want to set in the room. Find patterns and colors to match that mood.

2. Durability

Unlike your home furnishings, hotel furniture has to endure a lot more abuse. That is why it is so important to choose pieces that not only look good but also last a long time.

Purchasing a flimsy chair because it’s cheaper than a sturdier one will actually hurt you not help you.

It may be difficult to spend a lot of money up front. But quality furniture is an asset to your business. The longer you are able to keep and maintain it, the more valuable of an asset it will be.

Along with strength, the furniture you use needs to look good as well. Avoid pieces with lots of little spaces that will take a long time to clean and look nice.

You’ll also want to make sure that you have a reliable housekeeping team to maintain the look.

Check out our guide on how to find the best housekeeping service in your area.

3. Affordable

The next step is to find furniture that fits your budget. And before you ask, yes it is possible to find furniture that is both affordable and high quality.

The trick is to find a place where you can buy in bulk. This will cut down on some of the higher consumer rates.

You can also make custom furniture as well. For example, if you are need of beds, find a hotel bed manufacturer, and create a unique and affordable plan together.

4. Comfort

The most important part of hotel furnishing is its comfort. Someone may not always remember the pillows or lampshades in the room, but they will remember uncomfortable beds that disrupted their vacation.

On the other hand, a relaxing and enjoyable bed will quickly earn back the capital spent on it. As you are shopping be sure to keep the comfort of your customers in the forefront of your mind.

Find Hotel Furnishings

Now that you know that tricks to finding the best furniture for your hotel, nothing can stop you! Except for maybe digital marketing.

But don’t worry we have a guide for that too! Check out the how these digital business strategies will help your hotels.

Contact us with any of your questions and concerns. We can’t wait to hear about your fabulous hotel designs.

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