What You Need to Know to Find the Right Tenant Screening Service for Your Properties

Running a successful rental property takes a united team.

As an owner, you have to make sure your manager and maintenance team are on the same page to keep tenants happy. You also need a reliable tenant screening service to make sure your property has quality renters to begin with.

If you are just starting your rental property business, hiring the right people may seem like a daunting task.

Don’t worry. We have all the tips you need to find the best screening services available!

1. Check Their Qualifications

Every rental property has different pre-screening qualifications.

A tenant screening service uses these to weed out the bad rental applications from the good. When people don’t meet a pre-screening, the service won’t waste anyone’s time moving forward with an application.

However, not all application qualifications are the same.

Some may ask for proof of monthly earnings and a few references to contact. Others might be more lenient and only need proof of employment.

Talk to your potential partners about how they screen applicants. Set expectations for what your property needs and make sure they can meet that quality.

2. Look at the Properties They Already Service

Another good way to see if a screening service is right for you is to look at the properties they’ve previously worked with.

If you are building a student living community, your service should have experience working in a college town. They’ll have familiarity dealing with complex situations like juggling subleases and screening individuals who likely won’t have much work or credit history.

Other popular rental properties include timeshares or high-end living for people already in the workforce. These kinds of properties tend to be more by the book.

A strong tenant screening service in this situation has no problem laying down the law when necessary. Their pre-screening qualifications will be extensive, and they will generally have more rules for their tenants to obey.

If you’re having trouble choosing between services, see what kind of work they’ve already done. This can help you understand how well they know the audience you’re trying to reach.

3. Ask the Tough Questions

Before you commit to a qualified screening service like Liberty Management, Inc. property managers, make sure to smooth out all the details.

Set expectations on collecting rent and dealing with troublesome tenants. Talk about property inspections and the fees that may arise. Ask about add-ons like eviction warranties and maintenance fees, too.

Establish the control you will have over lease agreements, as well. Some owners prefer to be more hands-on, while others like to trust their screening service to handle all the details.

The more you dive into the specifics, the better you can create a strong relationship with the people working with your tenants.

This not only improves your quality of service, but it also lowers your stress. When you find the right company to screen renters, your business will run much better across the board.

Find Your New Tenant Screening Service

Don’t let a good opportunity get away from you. Commit to contacting potential screening services as soon as possible to find the best one for you.

The sooner you find the right tenant screening service, the sooner you can get to filling your property with renters.

Start your search today!

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