7 Reasons Why You Need A Viral Viral Video To Grow Your Business

Video marketing is experiencing exponential growth. Viral video traffic accounts for 80% of all global consumer internet traffic. If you’re yet to take advantage of video marketing, you’re missing out on growing your business.

It might interest you to know that Facebook generates 8 billion video views daily. YouTube comes in at the second position. Without a doubt, a viral video can go a long way in promoting your business.

Video marketing is worth it, first because it’s popular, and also because it’s a versatile digital marketing tool.

You still need more reasons to convince you why you need a viral video in marketing? The reasons are countless. Here, let’s look at the seven top reasons to get you started.

1. We Live in a Visual World

People tend to have a preference for videos as opposed to long written texts. Their attention spans for reading are short, and they often get bored reading. All this is different when you use videos.

Video content is a combination of sight, motion, and sound that creates a deeply engrossing experience. If you’re creative enough, moody imagery with soothing music will generate more emotion in the viewers. This works better than text or images on their own.

Consider what a two-minute explainer video can deliver over 200 words of script. If a picture is worth a million words, then a video is worth two million!

Besides, people are better are remembering video content than text.

2. With a Viral Video, You’ll Expand Reach

Unlike written content, videos are highly sharable. Traffic to video sharing sites has tripled in the past few months. The ability to share a video can create free exposure from people sharing it with friends and family.  

Hence, creating videos for advertisement can help your business get more value for its money. Viral video ads hold a high amount of appeal to buyers, more than a product-focused text.

A video can directly lead to sales, especially if it’s an explainer video. Consider crafting interesting product description videos.

3. Videos Have Great Returns on Investment

Many businesses that have adopted video marketing report to getting good ROI. Video production is still not the easiest form of marketing, but it pays off in a big way. If you don’t have video creation skills, make use of the video editing tools that are continually improving.

Don’t fret about making perfect videos at this point. What matters is that you deliver quality content. Users will put off your videos if they don’t explain the product or service sufficiently. Poor design may not matter nearly as much at this point.

However, don’t just throw all caution to the wind with your videos. This isn’t a ticket for you to be crappy. Borrow some viral video ideas that’ll help you stand out.  

4. You Can Build Trust Through Your Videos

One factor that influences conversion and sales is trust. Building trust among site visitors should be a goal on itself. Content marketing aims to create trust-based long-term relationships.

Once clients can trust your products, you’ll no longer have to spend another day selling. They’ll come looking for you once you provide them with useful and interesting information.

YouTube users can play a significant role in promoting your brand. This tells you it’s time to start taking video marketing seriously.

5. Videos Make Your Site Rank Better for SEO

Creating a viral video will do more to your business than increase your conversion rates. YouTube is a platform owned by Google, which is the largest search engine in the world.  What’s the point?

If your marketing videos do well on YouTube, Google’s search engine will make your site rank higher. Your video gets 50 times higher chance of appearing among the top search results. As such, you’ll get more clicks from users and increase your overall organic traffic.

It even gets better if you use high-ranking keywords in your video. Add backlinks to your site, products, and services. You’ll be able to achieve what you’d never have through traditional SEO.  

6. Maintain Consistency in View Engagement

In all your marketing efforts, strive to maintain consistency. It would excite you to release one video every six months and have it go viral. Unfortunately, what you work for your audience is to have you release videos they’ll enjoy every so often.

Create a schedule for releasing your videos. This will ensure you remain consistent and keep your viewers looking forward to new content every time.

7. Videos Appeal Better to Mobile Users

Mobile devices and videos have become almost anonymous. Many mobile users spend their time watching interesting videos and clips. According to YouTube, mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year.

People like watching videos on the go. The increasing use of smartphones is also affecting viewership. With good videos, your audience will keep growing. Consumers feel a sense of personal connection to companies that have video content or ads.

In Review

Just a few years ago, big businesses considered video advertising as something that can boost sales. Considering the many benefits it offers, the approach has become a crucial component of the marketing strategy. It has also trickled down to small businesses.

Brands that have embraced video marketing have a distinct advantage over their competitors. As it appears, video marketing will be the best marketing approach. Some of the benefits include increased returns on investment.

Viewers would rather spend time watching a viral video than reading through long texts looking for information. Through videos, they can easily connect with advertisers. In turn, this increases the chances for conversion.

Videos also reach a bigger audience than written content. Mobile users especially tend to watch videos on the go. With the growing use of smartphones, viewership on leading platforms like YouTube is on the increase.

You mustn’t be an expert in video creation to come up with excellent videos. Take advantage of the many video editing tools available. The more appealing your videos are, the higher your chances of conversion. 

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