How to Find a Manufacturer: A Brief Outline of Important Steps to Take

US consumers complete 1 out of every 10 of their purchases online. That number is growing every year which means a ton of opportunity for aspiring eCommerce moguls!

If you’re reading this article right now, chances are you’re not just interested in selling stuff. We’re guessing that you also already have an idea for a product that you now need manufactured/supplied to your awesome customers.

That’s great!

We want to help you on your way to getting your product created/sourced so that you can become a success story sooner than later.

To that end, below, our team walks you through simple steps on how to find a manufacturer that’ll help you locate a qualified product partner domestically or abroad!

Step 1: Decide on Local or Global Manufacturing

Most manufacturing takes place outside of the United States for the simple reason that international manufacturing is cheaper than local manufacturing. That’s not to say though that you don’t have local options.

If you want to get your product made/sourced for less cash, contact people in China/South East Asia.

If you want to support your local economy and give your products the perception of quality, get your products made locally.

Step 2: Create a Shortlist of Manufacturers

Most people opt for international manufacturing. If you’re one of those people, the next step of your how to find a manufacturer process will be to browse manufacturing businesses online and engage with a handful of them.

Popular international manufacturer finding sites include “Alibaba” and “”

Step 3:  Strike a Deal

After locating a manufacturer/supplier that deals in the product that you’re trying to sell, talk to them about what you want.

If you’re just interested in sourcing their preexisting products to sell at a markup domestically, request samples and if you like what they have, negotiate a strong bulk-buy deal.

If you need them to create an original product for you, talk to your manufacturer about your idea and send them your blueprints (after they’re patent protected) to see what they can do.

Step 4: Discuss Shipping

Dropshipping is when manufacturers not only create/supply your product but they also fulfill customer orders. If you’d like to have your products dropshipped so that you can keep your workload nominal, discuss that possibility.

Be sure to inquire about shock testing to make sure that your product will make it to your customers in one piece. This guide by Equipment Cowboy discusses this often ignored topic thoroughly.

Step 5: Monitor Progress

Closely monitor your manufacturer’s work over the first year of your partnership to ensure that quality is maintained.

If you like what you see and sales are good, keep scaling up. If your manufacturer drops the ball, drop them and find a new domestic or international partner.

Our Final Thoughts on How to Find a Manufacturer

Navigating how to find a manufacturer process can be daunting. With our tips though and a little hands-on experience, you’ll be able to strike deals and get products created for low prices that you can sell at incredible margins!

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