Don’t Do It Yourself: DIY Disasters

Doing repairs and additions on your home can add value and curb appeal to your house. If you’re planning any major or minor renovations, you have the temptation to do it yourself. 

Sometimes, though, it’s better to leave some complicated projects to the professionals

Before you reach for your faithful toolbox, you should consider whether or not a repair cost more than expected or be potentially lethal.

No matter how much you trust your repairperson skills, you should read these stories.

Here are some of the best (or worst) DIY disasters to make you think twice about doing it yourself.

Homemade Screen Door

An Ohio woman decided she wanted to make a customized screen door for her porch.

Making a screen door sounds easy enough. You just build a frame and staple the screen material to it, right? 

Perhaps it isn’t so easy. 

She failed to measure the parts of the doorframe properly, making it unable to fit in the doorway properly. 

She might have done better buying a pre-made screen door suited to her tastes. Installing the door itself may have been a relatively easy task. 

Easy Projects Turn Into a DIY Disasters 

Some home renovation projects shouldn’t take a professional to complete. However, anyone who’s ever worked on an old house knows things can go wrong quicker than expected. 

A Canadian couple thought they could save money on a bathroom renovation. When they took out the tile and tub, they found the interior wall and insulation had rotted. 

One discovery only leads to another. Eventually, they had to completely strip down the bathroom and start from the beginning. 

What may have been an easy and inexpensive project ended up costing the couple three times what they thought. LDK Logistics has resources which may be useful if you want to keep your next project disaster free. 

An Upside Down Mirror Still Works? 

This one isn’t a home repair, but it’s still a funny story. 

One of the most elegantly unfortunate happenings in any car owner’s life is when the rearview mirror falls off. 

If you have the right adhesive and a good eye, it should go on quite nicely. At least, that’s the hope. 

One Minnesota woman found herself in an embarrassing situation when this happened. She glued her mirror on upside down and had to take it into the repair shop. 

She says they were nice enough to fix the mirror for free. 

One can only imagine the hours of entertainment she provided the shop workers that day. 

Leave It to the Pros 

Sometimes your first step should be to call a professional. Even if your handyman skills are great, you never know what complications may arise. 

A simple home repair can turn into an expensive and dangerous renovation. 

Take these DIY disasters as a word of caution or just as a quick source of entertainment. 

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