DIY Don’ts: Why You Should Never DIY Electrical Repairs

Do you remember a period of fearing house fires when you were a little kid? So many children go through a phase when they’re terrified their home will catch on fire.

Adults think they’re cute and that we have nothing to worry about. In reality, children are right about fires. It’s a very dangerous problem, especially if you plan to work on your own electrical repairs.

You can help put your kids’ minds (and everyone else’s) at ease when you hire a professional electrician. Don’t try to DIY. Here are some big reasons why it makes more sense to hire a professional for electrical work.

DIYing Repairs May Be Illegal

If you don’t call a Licensed Electrician to do the work for you, from rewiring to installation, you may be breaking the law. You risk legal action if you install faulty wiring, along with hefty fines.

There is also a good chance your homeowner’s insurance can refuse to pay for damages if you have a house fire due to faulty electrical wiring. The best way to make sure you have complete coverage and safety from legal suit is looking for a licensed professional to do the work.

Doing Your Own Electrical Repairs Is Dangerous

The National Fire Protection Association estimates over 400 people died because of electrical fires in homes between 2010 and 2014. About half of those fires involved faulty wiring.

If you think wearing rubber-soled boots will keep you from getting electrocuted, think again. Rubber gloves also don’t protect you from shock.

The best way to protect yourself from injury or death is to leave the electrical repairs to the professionals. It’s better to have peace of mind by reducing your risk and letting an experienced electrician do the work for your home renovation.

Home Resale Value Decreases

If you decide to do your own work on electrical repairs, you take on the responsibility to follow the electrical code yourself. You don’t have the years of apprenticeship training a journeyman electrician has. If you want to resell your house, the wiring has to be up to code.

Your home will not pass inspection if the wiring doesn’t follow the code, and if your contract is only binding pending inspections, the sellers may ask you to either rewire the house at your own expense or choose not to buy the home.

If home buyers are going to ask you to hire a professional to fix the job later anyway, why not lower the chances of losing a sale? Hire a professional to do your electrical work to start with.

Leave It To The Pros

Some things, like kitchen countertops, you can DIY no problem. Electrical repairs are not one of those things.

You’re open to lawsuits and legal trouble if you make a mistake, not to mention it’s a fire and shock hazard. You’ll also have a problem selling the house later.

If your own safety doesn’t concern you, remember you have loved ones who also worry about your well being. Find a professional, even if it means padding your savings a little extra before you make the call.

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