5 Of The Most Common Plumbing Problems (And Why You Should Leave It To Professionals)

If you’ve ever woken up to a river in your basement, you know the stuff of homeowner’s nightmares.

Most homeowners experience at least one or two common plumbing problems. That’s not over a lifetime; it’s in each home they own.

Don’t let your plumbing system intimidate you! Instead, learn about your pipes. And put your plumber’s name and number in your contacts.

Here are 5 of the most common plumbing problems homeowners encounter. We’ll start with our favorite, the clogged toilet!

The Problem with Toilets

What goes down the toilet should stay down. In fact, it should keep moving right along to the waste treatment plant where it belongs.

Toilets bear a heavy burden. Considering what we put in them it shouldn’t surprise us when they clog.

If a clog won’t budge when you use the plunger or a plumbing snake, it’s time to get a plumber involved.

That Slow Bathtub Drain

If you end up standing in ankle deep water before you finish showering, you probably have a giant hairball clogging the pipe.

Clearing this kind of clog is easy with a plunger and a cute little tool called a drain claw. A minimally invasive surgical technique, and one that will entertain the kids.

We all love the simple repairs but what about water backing up in the tub that looks like it came from the toilet? When wastewater backs up into the bathtub or shower, you likely have a clog further down the line.

This is a common plumbing problem that won’t go away without the plumber’s intervention. Besides digging around too much in your drains could create the need for more repairs.

The Dreaded Sewer Drain Backup

It’s bad enough when you have one drain with a clog but what about when it’s all drains and toilets? Sounds like a clogged sewer drain.

There are three common causes of sewer drain blockages:

  • Foreign objects
  • Tree roots
  • Collapsed sewer line

Go ahead and smile while you image a foreign object in your sewer line. People flush diapers, paper towels, wipes, and things you’d never imagine could go down a toilet.

A backup in your sewer drain requires immediate help from a plumber who specializes in clogged drain services.

Hot Water Heater Blues

The hot water heater is another major appliance most people ignore until it quits delivering the goods. Or leaks its entire 40 gallons of water. Have you heard about water tank rockets?

Hot water tanks fail for a variety of reasons but the three most common are:

  • Sediment buildup
  • Rust corrosion
  • Too much pressure

In general, let your plumber inspect and repair your water heater.

Low Water Pressure
When you turn on the faucet, you expect a strong stream of clean water, not a weak dribble.

Low water pressure is often caused by a clogged pipe. If that isn’t it, you could have a faulty pressure regulator.

Call a plumber! Plumbers know how to determine the source of the problem and how to resolve it.

Need Help Resolving Common Plumbing Problems?

We’ve given you several new topics for dinner table discussions. From the gunk you find in bathtub drains to water tanks that morph into rockets, people enjoy talking about common plumbing problems.

If you’d like more conversation starters or need help with other home maintenance services, read our home repair archives.