Choosing a Plumber: 5 Questions to Ask Before Setting an Appointment

If you are like many homeowners, you’ll find that plumbing issues can become a real nightmare if they’re ignored.

Clogged toilets, leaks, damaged water lines, and dysfunctional water heaters will haunt you and your family if they aren’t attended to.

But with plumbing costs averaging at an astounding $305, it’s easy to image while we would ignore issues for as long as possible. In fact, plumbing jobs typically range from $100 to $14,000 for more complex issues.

There comes a certain point where you realize the money is worth avoiding further hassle or harm, and choosing a plumber becomes the next step. Keep reading for 5 questions to ask before ultimately setting an appointment with your local plumber.

1. Is this a DIY Project?

If you have handyman or plumbing experience, you may consider a DIY option. This option may work if it requires replacing a simple mechanism, you have experience, you have time, and it is not an emergency. This option, while it can potentially save you hundreds of dollars, is not to be taken lightly.

Watching a DIY video might not be able to fix the problem. There are a myriad of common plumbing mistakes and many times where you should not consider a DIY approach.

2. Is the Plumber Licensed?

When you eventually decide to call a plumber, the first and most important question is whether they are licensed. An unlicensed plumber could end up costing you more money in the long run. For an example of licensed plumbers, visit this site.

3. Who Can I Expect To Perform the Work?

Some plumbing companies will send contractors or subcontractors not affiliated with their company to perform work. You want to make sure you’re aware of the people going into your home.

Be sure to get the names of these other groups to not only know who to expect but to thoroughly research their company and reviews as well.

4. Do you Provide Guarantees or Warranties?

A plumber should be able to stand by their work. Ask about any offered guarantees or warranties, their limits, and exactly how to proceed should any other issues arise. The answer to this question should be an important one in choosing a plumber, as it indicates how helpful a company will be after you have already paid them.

5. What Costs Can I Expect?

Lastly, you should ask costs. It’s important to receive a formal quote and have an idea of what costs to expect. Of course, sometimes higher costs are inevitable given the complexity of work. Always be sure to stay updated on quotes before the final work is completed.

Questions to Ask when Choosing a Plumber: Final Thoughts

Choosing a plumber, like any expensive home repair, can be scary. You’re trusting an individual or company on a topic that most of us know very little about.

But with the above 5 questions, you will be prepared to find the right plumber. For more articles on finding the right businesses to trust with home services, visit our blog today.