8 Important Ways Restaurant Technology Could Improve Your Business

The food industry is a fast-moving business where speed is of the utmost importance. The faster you can take orders, process payment transactions, and move customers in and out, the more money you’ll make.

This is why restaurant technology is so important to maximizing both customer service and profits. Let’s take a look at some ways tech is improving the restaurant business.

8 Important Ways Restaurant Technology Could Improve Your Business

Looking to improve your restaurant? Investing in tech could help. Here are 8 ways restaurant technology could be used to improve your business.

1. Reduce Time Waiting in Line

Customers hate waiting in line. Fortunately, mPOS offers the perfect solution for shorting wait times or eliminating lines all-together.

Mobile point of sale (mPOS) is an ideal way to speed up service by allowing restaurant staff to take orders while customers wait in line. Patrons are able to pay on the spot using any form of payment they prefer.

2. Self-Service Ordering and Payment

Self-serving cuts down on wait time and generates greater revenue by increasing efficiency. These self-service kiosks enable customers to enjoy faster ordering and a secure check-out experience and avoiding lines by paying at their convenience.

3. The Convenience of Paying at the Table

Restaurants that have adopted this forward-thinking approach are able to replace the tedious traditional process of having the waiter drop off the check and return for payment.

Typically the customer has access to a wireless mPOS device at the table and is thus able to view the bill, swipe their card for payment, and print a receipt. It’s quick, easy, and eliminates the need for unnecessary interaction between the guest and the wait staff.

Devices such as the Aloha POS make the dining experience move much quicker and easier.

4. Curbside Pickup

This streamlined approach to curbside pickup utilizes a wireless smart terminal that is brought directly to the customer at the curb. The takeout order is brought to the customer’s car, payment is swiped through the mPOS device, and they are free to go without having to spend time waiting in line.

5. The Convenience of Paying at the Counter

Restaurants that offer fast, casual dining can utilize touchscreen technology at the counter. This enables customers to pay with a credit card at the countertop rather than with a cashier at a register.

6. Payments for Delivery Orders

Traditionally customers would give their payment information over the phone. This costs the restaurant more because card issuers charge higher transaction fees when the customer isn’t physically present. Utilizing a mPOS system allows the customer to pay at the time of delivery.

7. Drive Thru Convenience

As with service inside the restaurant, rather than making the customer wait in line at the drive-thru, an attendant is able to save time by going to the customer’s car. By taking their order and payment at the car, customers can then quickly pick up their orders at the window and move on.

8. Pop-Up Locations and Food Trucks

The mPOS technology has really enabled the increasing popularity and proliferation of the mobile dining experience. Businesses are now able to reach customers nearly anywhere, providing endless opportunities for community involvement for such events as outdoor festivals, concerts, and local sporting events.

Making the Most of Technology

People in the restaurant industry are always on the lookout for ways to improve the customer service experience. Restaurant technology is changing the industry on a daily basis, benefiting both the restaurant and the customer.

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