5 Mind-Blowing Software Programs That’ll Save Your Business Time and Money

Small businesses make up 99% of employers in the US. With a market like that, it’s not surprising that there is a wide range of apps available to help small businesses run efficiently.

We’ve taken a look at some of the best business apps, and come up with this list of our top 5 apps for small business. If you’re one of the 99% who runs a small business, read on for some ideas that might make your life easier.

Best Business Apps – Accounting

Xero offers small businesses a simple way to handle their accounts. Whether you’re a sole trader or employ others, Xero has a package that will help you keep all your money in order. It’s able to take a live feed from your bank, PayPal and various other payment providers, which you can reconcile simply.

One feature that Xero offers is small business expense tracking. Expenses are entered and can be allocated to specific projects so you can stay in control of the costs of your work.

Construction Business Apps

Moisture Mapper is a tool that helps construction businesses to save money, by calculating which drying equipment they need. A cloud-based solution, the mobile app allows contractors to update the situation from the site, making sure you never spend more than you need to. It’s a boon for construction estimators, helping them to ensure accuracy.

Time Management Apps

For small business owners, time really is money. So it pays to keep tabs on what you’re spending your time on. Rescuetime will do just that for you. It lets you categorize apps as productive or not, and will send you a regular update to let you know where you’ve been spending your time.

If you’ve ever asked yourself, where does the time go? Rescuetime is the app that will answer that question.

Communication Apps

Making sure that all members of your team know what is going on is fundamental to running a good business. With Slack, you can send chat messages to members of your team quickly and easily. Set up different channels for certain jobs and tell everyone who needs to know in one quick and easy message.

First Aid Apps

Whether you work in construction or in any other field, it’s always helpful to have first aid advice available when you need it. The American Red Cross has four separate apps for emergency situations, and their first aid app will tell you what to do if you suddenly find yourself in a life or death situation. They also have a first aid for pets app, which will be useful if you work with or around animals.

There’s an App for Everything

As more businesses are embracing mobile technology, so the apps are being developed that answer almost any business question on the move. Whether it’s helping you to measure up a room, or safety apps for lone workers there are mobile solutions that can help.

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