DIY Gone Awry? Here’s How to Find the Best Home Repair Services in Your Area

It happens to the best of us.

In spite of watching tons of helpful tutorials, spending tons of cash at the hardware store on the best tools, and attempting to follow “assembly instructions?”

Sometimes, DIY just goes completely wrong.

Whether you’ve knocked a hole in the wrong wall, accidentally destroyed your plumbing, or have even had a house painting disaster, one thing is clear.

You should have gone with a local handyman in the first place. And now, you’re in need of home repair services.

How can you make sure that you’re working with the best people, so that you don’t end up with one more home improvement disaster on your hands?

Keep on reading this post to find out.

1. Try an Online Database

Let’s get real: spending hours calling up your family and friends for advice on finding a contractor can be a nightmare. More often than not, you end up hearing more about their personal problems, and less about getting the help you need.

Plus, you’ve seen the “work” some of these contractors did for people you know. It’s not exactly something you’d like to replicate in your own home.

So, what’s the solution?

In many cases, using an online contractor and handyman database is your best bet.

In some cases, you should even be able to briefly describe the project that you need help with. You may also be able to set your budget. You can also find local handyman services by specifying your city or zip code.

Then, multiple qualified contractors can “bid” on your project. This allows you to not only get some of the best experts to work for you — but also to lock down the best possible price!

Working with a general contractor doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Instead, let an online database do the hard work for you.

2. Read Reviews and Contact References

When you’re ready to hire a handyman, we know that you want to make sure you’ve done your research when it comes to their qualifications.

But you need to look at a lot more than just a list of services provided. You’ll also need to read online reviews before you make your final decision.

While most general home repair and maintenance services will have a testimonial section on their website, you’ll need to dig deeper. Check out third-party review sites, like Angie’s List and Google My Business. What are people saying about the quality of the work and the level of service provided?

While no business can escape the occasional one-star review, a slew of them is a bad sign.

In addition to reading the online reviews, you should also ask a handyman to give you a list of references. Make sure you speak with them on the phone. Ask if deadlines were met, if the budget was kept to, and of course, if the reference would use the contractor again.

You should also ask the contractor to put you in touch with people who have had similar projects to your own completed by their company.

If the contractor seems nervous when you ask for references? They’ve just made your decision about whether or not you should work with them for you.

In addition to checking out the references of a handyman? You should also take a look at their online portfolio. This way, you can get a good understanding of what they’re capable of.

3. Know the Red Flags

Of course, it goes without saying that there are a lot of scam artists out there in the world of home repair services.

So, what can you do to avoid getting taken for a ride?

First of all, be wary of someone who provides an estimate online or over the phone without seeing your place and project first. This is usually a sign that they’re planning on seriously up-charging you later for issues and repairs they claim they “didn’t know about.”

Also, make sure that you know the laws relating to contractor licensing and insurance in your state. And even if you live in a state where certain contractors and local handyman services don’t require a license?

If possible, aim to work with a service with at least some kind of certification.

You should also be on the lookout for both homeowner’s insurance and liability insurance. Good home repair services will have both — not one of the other. You don’t want to get stuck paying for damage done to your home by a team of amateurs. You certainly don’t want to be responsible for someone’s medical bills.

Finally, if you notice that you’re being given lots of different phone numbers, websites, and email addresses — or if it’s tough to leave a message?

It’s a sure sign that you need to move on.

Ready to Hire Home Repair Services You Can Trust?

We hope that this post has helped you learn what to look for when you’re in the market for home repair services.

Remember to check references and online portfolios, get estimates in person, and use online databases to get a competitive price.

Above all, listen to your gut. If something just doesn’t feel right about a contractor, then you’ll likely discover an issue later on.

Looking to find qualified handymen and repair services in your neighborhood? Our online business database is the perfect tool for you.

Be sure to keep checking back with us for more tips and tricks on how to find the best person for any job.