Reach the Masses! 5 Critical Digital Marketing Tips for Your Cybersecurity Business

You know that your cybersecurity firm offers competitive rates, excellent customer support, scalability, and, above all, unbeatable services and protection. 

The only problem? 

You’re struggling to find a way to communicate that to your target market. 

This post is here to help you learn how to do just that. 

Read on to learn five of the most effective ways to create a strong digital marketing strategy for your cybersecurity business. 

1. Give Video Marketing a Try

Over 70% of consumers say they’d rather watch a video than read an article. 

You should absolutely add video marketing to your list of effective digital marketing strategies.

Create explainer videos on cybersecurity threats, film tutorials on how to update basic software, or go live on social media and answer questions from your followers in real time. 

2. Build up Online Reviews

About 65% of consumers say that online reviews and testimonials are the things they trust the most when evaluating a company — and your cybersecurity business is no different. 

Make sure to incentivize reviews by offering discounts on future services, and embed review requests in all your emails. 

Respond promptly to both positive and negative reviews.

When possible, contact a dissatisfied client both publically and privately through the review platform. 

3. Blog and Contribute Guest Posts

Video marketing is an excellent strategy, but blogging and writing guest posts on authority industry sites is still one of the most effective digital marketing tactics. 

Optimize your blog posts with high-density keywords, as well as longtail phrases that get the attention of voice search devices. 

Don’t neglect local SEO in your posts. 

Make sure you also get active in the comments section, and that you include a link back to your website in the content itself and in your comments signature.

4. Offer Niche Services

In order to set yourself apart from your competitors, you need to offer niche services. 

Things like a Virtual CISO, email spam protection, hourly backups, and servers in multiple geographic locations are all a great way of standing out. 

Conduct thorough market research, including surveys and polls, to find out exactly what your clients are looking for.

5. Showcase Your Support

One of the biggest things that people look for in a cybersecurity business? 

24/7, 365-days a year support services. 

After all, when a business is facing a security threat, they don’t exactly want to wait until Monday to get it handled.

In addition to your support, make sure you also showcase the high site uptime you offer to clients. Your clients want to make sure that their website stays online as long as possible, so they can continue to make sales or book appointments. 

Use These Tips for Your Cybersecurity Business

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