Local SEO for Small Business: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

As a small business owner, you should dream big. One day, you may take your company to new heights and earn a place alongside the titans of your industry. But until that day comes, you need to work with where you are.

As a small business owner, you should dream big but think locally. And that includes every part of your business, especially your SEO strategy.

Local SEO for small business is different than the way most companies approach an SEO strategy. Rather than targeting keywords and attracting people through information posts, you should focus on your community. You already know your audience, you just need to make sure they know about you.

And to do that, you need you to embrace your local community. Play a role in it and you will see more people trafficking your business. You will create a unique sort of interest around your company.

Keep reading below to learn how to create a local SEO strategy for your small business. This is your first step towards standing beside the leaders of your industry.

Local SEO For Small Business Is Different Than Usual SEO

When most companies first start creating an SEO plan, they target keywords and craft posts about the industry. Their audiences are consumers interested in their products and services. The people who frequent large businesses aren’t concerned with much beyond the product itself.

That’s not who your audience is, though. As a small local business, your customers are interested in you and your role in the community. They go to you both because you fulfill a need they have, as with any business, and because you represent the community you’re a part of.

By focusing on that with your SEO strategy, you will attract more people who have more invested in your company. By focusing on building as many close relationships as possible, you’re essentially learning how to make money online, effortlessly. Keep reading below to learn some tips on how to do it!

Localization Matters More Than With Other Companies

When your customers take to Google to find a business, they’re not searching for general businesses. They’re most likely after results that are nearby them; they’re looking for results that are a part of their community. This means you’re not facing off against other companies in your industry; your competition is your neighbors.

That means you need to respect the people in the same industry as you. You wouldn’t want to anger your actual neighbors – why would you want to anger your company’s neighbors? Your marketing and your SEO should focus on building yourself up – not tearing other people down.

Communities Are Stronger

Building a community is a fundamental part of any marketing plan. With a strong community, you can ensure that your customers get more out of your products than just what they purchase. When someone works with your business, they will also be invited to be a part of a community.

That means they’ll be more invested in your company. They’ll be more likely to leave positive reviews about you, and encourage people to go to your website. That can only ever improve your ranking and improve your standing in your local community. 

People Are More Likely To Find You

Local SEO has a different effect on your customer-base than traditional SEO. Rather than attract people by cultivating a reputation as an industry leader, you work to establish yourself as a community leader. Your SEO strategy should be designed to attract people looking for businesses in their own communities, not just any company.

Take Advantage Of Your Google Listing

When it comes to search engine optimization, all search engines matter. Yet, there’s one which matters more than the rest: Google. The company surpassed 90 percent market share for all search engines in October 2018.

Whenever someone wants to know something, they don’t turn to their libraries or to Bing. They turn to Google, and that means you need to work with Google to make sure you’re represented well. Luckily, Google has some built-in tools to help you do just that.

The most significant tool you have available is your Google listing. All you need to do is claim your business’s profile on Google, and then simply update it to reflect your company’s brand. Otherwise, Google will not consider your unique brand when representing you on its website.

Your Google listing is usually the first time people learn about your business. Make sure it looks as good as everything else your business does. By claiming it, you’ll also demonstrate to Google that you’re committed to your company, which will boost your ranking.

Organic Results Aren’t All That Matter

When most people develop an SEO strategy, they are usually after organic results. Most people think that the whole point of making an SEO strategy is to get clicks. Yet, that’s not the case with local SEO.

Whenever a person looks for a local business on Google, it doesn’t just show them your website. Instead, it shows a snack pack of businesses near them that they can visit over organic results. Your SEO strategy should at least partly focus on making the snack pack rather than simply ranking first for organic results.

People Are Mobile, So Be Mobile

One of the most important things to be in 2019 is mobile. Most people browse the internet and find business through their phones, and Google ranks responsive websites differently for mobile results.

That means, in order to make the most out of your SEO, you need to make your website mobile-friendly. Approach your web design with both mobile and desktop in mind. That way, your SEO won’t take a hit for being hosted on a desktop-focused website.

The Key To SEO Isn’t Just Keywords

Most companies treat their SEO strategy the same way. They think it’s only meant to drive traffic to your website through organic results on Google. They think that by targeting the right keywords, their SEO strategy will be successful.

Yet, your SEO plays a larger role than just as a way to drive traffic. Local SEO for small business brands help establish themselves as invaluable parts of the community. Your SEO helps establish you as a local, market leader and contributes to your overall image.

That’s why SEO strategy is so vital to your company. It ’s why you need to do as much research as possible when implementing it. And to do your research, you can just keep reading here. Our website is always updated with the latest information about marketing to help you become a local leader!