Happy Employees, Happy Business: 5 Awesome Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs

Whether or not you work in the corporate world, you know what life inside a cubicle looks like. Television and film portray the 9-5 life as a monotonous prison, and if you don’t have the right wellness programs, this can be hauntingly accurate.

If you’re an employer trying to keep your employees active and happy, we have you covered. Read on to discover some of the best benefits of corporate wellness programs, and be prepared to be the best boss on the block.

Wellness Programs Improve Productivity

It’s no secret that physical activity improves your mental capabilities. Even though it can be nearly impossible to drag yourself out of bed early in the morning, when you get up go running before work you almost always feel better prepared to take on the day.

There have been studies linking wellness programs to improved productivity. In addition to boosting memory and focus, wellness programs improve morale as well. All of these things combine to create more productive employees that are better suited and more motivated to do the best possible work they can. 

Health Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs

Physical activity improves your health. It’s a well-known, simple fact. 

Having an employee assistance program encourages employees to engage in physical activity, thereby improving the health of your workforce. You should want your employees to be healthy just because of basic human decency, but it also can benefit you directly as an employer.

Having healthy employees lowers the overall cost of health care. One case study showed that having a wellness program resulted in saving over $500 per employee every year on health care. 

Wellness Programs Improve Morale and Behavior

Everyone wants to work for a company that they feel cares about their well-being. Even employees that choose not to engage in a wellness program can appreciate that the program is available to them. 

Engaging in a wellness program can inspire important behavioral changes in your employees. Beyond just improved health, participating in physical activity every day gives your employees something to look forward to on a daily basis. It can inspire dietary changes, improved mental health, and an overall happier work environment. 

Wellness programs also improve the morale of your employees. If you’re stuck at your desk next to the same people all day, even the smallest things start to bother you. Getting up and getting active provides a change of scenery necessary for your sanity. Even those not participating in the wellness program will start to notice improved morale from those around them, creating a workplace culture of happiness. 

Other Ways to Improve Employee Wellness

While the benefits of corporate wellness programs are extraordinary, implementing a wellness program isn’t the only way to improve the quality of life for your employees. Lucky for you, we have plenty more articles to help you find those other methods. 

For example, keeping a clean workspace can dramatically improve productivity. Combine this with a wellness program and watch your employees thrive!

Read on for more business tips, and enjoy your new, improved employee health and morale!